Morgan Browne

Chief Executive

Morgan has been the CEO of Milner Browne since 2008. He has led the company to be one of Europe’s leading SAP Business One partners and take a hands-on approach to leading the business. As a true technology enthusiast he is constantly pushing the boundaries to provide affordable innovation for small businesses.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Milner Browne. We listen and find a way.

Mark Rijke

Managing Director

Mark has spent a number of years working in a series of high-profile SAP Business One positions. During this time he gained valuable experience as a consultant and project manager implementing SAP solutions and now oversees service delivery processes at Milner Browne. He is skilled and passionate at making strategic partnerships across Europe.

Our experts work closely with your team to ensure products are delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Dawn Parker

Applications Director

Dawn is recognised as one of the most knowledgeable SAP Business One experts in the industry. Her in-depth knowledge of each of the SAP Business One modules is invaluable in helping organisations streamline their processes. Now as Applications Director, Dawn works closely with customers to address their challenges with Milner Browne innovation.

Our customers are the source of our inspiration and keep us constantly on the look-out for new ideas in our innovative B1 Apps range.

Kieron Kavanagh

Chief Financial Officer

Kieron worked for one of Milner Browne’s business partners before he joined the organisation to lead the finance team. Having worked with closely with SAP Business One for a number of years he uses the solution to manage organisational activities. Since joining the company Kieron has also developed his accounts and finance team to continue Milner Browne’s growth strategy.

Milner Browne is really dynamic. It's a young, progressive and customer-orientated company where SAP Business One has been the driver for our own growth.

Karen Ferreira

Group Head of Marketing

Karen joined Milner Browne having worked in the marketing industry for several years. Having worked for a number of high-profile technology organisations she is responsible for delivering the company’s marketing strategy and raising awareness of the benefits of SAP Business One and partnering with Milner Browne.

It's great educating our new business partners and eventually witnessing the benefits they receive when implementing SAP Business One from Milner Browne. With our B1 Apps range it's so easy for them to customise a solution.

Sally Poff

Operations Director

Sally works closely with the operations of the business and the customers to ensure they maximise the potential of their SAP Business One solution. As a true problem solver and creative-thinker she has played a pivotal role in guiding Milner Browne to a series of support accolades from SAP. By leading an enthusiastic, energetic, dynamic and driven team Sally guarantees the customer-focuses approach Milner Browne is reputable for.

I'm proud of the award-winning service and support we provide customers. It's great to be at the heart of such a customer-centric organisation.

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Milner Browne is an award-winning, dynamic enterprise with a company culture, and reputation, built on professionalism, innovation, and approachability based in the UK. As one of Europe's leading software solutions providers we are able to offer you a competitive benefits package at a growing organisation where your opinion counts.

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