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3 Benefits of B2B E-Commerce for SMEs

Having an online presence is more important than ever for SMEs today. Overcoming time restrictions and facilitating communication with consumers can be a true asset to the growth of an SME. We asked Luke Pheasey, Senior Marketing Manager for UK & Ireland at Sana Commerce to tell us more about the benefits of B2B E-commerce… Read more »

SAP Business One vs NetSuite Comparison Chart

SAP Business One vs Netsuite Gone are the days when you had to select either an on-premise ERP solution or one hosted in the cloud. Nowadays, businesses want to ensure they have access to company data anytime, anywhere.. NetSuite was the go-to option for companies looking to start with cloud solutions, but times are changing…. Read more »

SMB Series: Why is growth for SMEs so important?

Curious about the reasons behind the organisation of the SMB Growth Summit? Becs Newton, the Milner Browne Group Marketing Lead, has given us a quick rundown of the reasoning that sparked its beginnings. The importance of SMEs for Ireland and the UK: SMEs are particularly important for the labour market in Ireland. They generate more… Read more »

SMB Series: On the Road to expansion.

International expansion is one of the most challenging paths an SMB can decide to follow. All experiences are different, and many will be influenced by differences ranging from cultures, to legal systems. It is important to do research beforehand as other people’s experiences and advice can be reassuring in this context. In this instalment of… Read more »

Upcoming event: SMB Growth Summit 2019

We are excited to announce a special event: The UK&I SMB Growth Summit 2019.  This event, focused on growth and new opportunities for SMBs across Ireland and UK, will happen on October 17th, 2019. Hosted by Milner Browne in partnership with SAP, British Irish and Trade Alliance, DCU and many more to be announced…. Read more »

86% of organisations can do more with their data

86% of organisations can do more with their data Enterprises are still not maximising the potential of their data, according to a new global study. Data 2020: State of Big Data Study found that 86% of businesses believe they can still do more with their data. More worryingly for organisations, almost three-quarters of respondents said their… Read more »

SAP Business One Tip of the Month – October: Crystal Reports

Follow these simple steps to make basic updates to Crystal Reports in SAP Business One. Watch this handy video and see how to export default layouts for Sales Orders with saved data in, add new a company logo, import your updated report and then set your new layout as your default template moving forward. Want… Read more »

Stop toying about and get innovating

Gasps were heard by a whole generation of 30 and 40-somethings on both sides of the Atlantic this morning with news that Toys R Us had filed for bankruptcy in the US and Canada. In the age of e-commerce, Toys R Us is another example of a company being stuck in its old ways.  Lord… Read more »

How to use Quick Resource Entry and Trial Kitting tools in B1 Production

Milner Browne’s B1 Production add-on for SAP Business One provides enhanced production management for users. The module has several different tools that solve a number of common issues, such as handling complex multi-level BOMs, correcting inaccurate work floor data, and managing production capacity planning data. Watch this short video as our SAP Business One product… Read more »

SAP Business One: more than just a powerful WMS system

How many different systems do you use to manage your wholesale and distribution business at the moment? It’s likely that your finance team is using one system to control cash flow and your warehouse uses another to manage levels of stock. If you have several routes to market, you may have even more systems in… Read more »

Go paperless in your warehouse using B1 Simple Scan

Use Milner Browne’s B1 Simple Scan for SAP Business One to digitalise your goods in and goods out bays. Reduce human errors and data duplication by scanning barcodes on your items as they enter and leave your business to automatically update documents such as purchase orders, goods receipts and sales orders. In this short video,… Read more »

How to protect your ERP solution from cyber attacks

A number of recent high-profile cyber-attacks have put the issue of security back under the microscope. Unfortunately for small businesses, it’s not only large organisations that are being targeted. We spoke with Barry Gleeson, Head of IT at Milner Browne, to get some essential tips your business can use to protect its data and prevent… Read more »

5 things to expect in SAP Business One Version 9.3

SAP Business One Version 9.3 is almost here! The hotly anticipated next release of SAP Business One is now available as a preview version. After it has been tested by SAP partners, the Early Adoption Care Programme will commence towards the end of August for users to get their hands on the solution. So, what… Read more »

Think Fast. Think Smart. Think SAP HANA.

Are you able to make fast and accurate decisions in your business? Or does indecision cause uncertainty and stop you from potentially winning new business? It’s a regular occurrence in small businesses where transparency into accurate information is unfortunately uncommon. SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA, provides small organisations with the software and sophistication… Read more »

SAP Business One Data Management Tips and Tricks

Change the way you manage the relationship between Excel and your solution with our SAP Business One Data Management Top Tips. Watch this short video as our SAP Business One Senior Consultant, David Kenny, provides some expert insight into some handy work-arounds. What’s included – Import information stored in spreadsheets into SAP Business One – Move… Read more »

3 SAP Business One Administration Tips and Tricks

Watch this short video as Milner Browne’s Antonio Huerta, Head of Consultancy UK, shows you some expert SAP Business One Administration Tips and Tricks. See how you can set up the Tool Tip in SAP B1, how to set up alerts when the system identifies that require your attention, and how to clean up your… Read more »

Five reasons why SAP Business One is perfect for your SME

SAP Business One has been designed specifically with SMEs in mind. It explains why around 80% of all SAP’s customers are small to medium-sized businesses. After a recent report found that more small businesses are choosing an ERP solution from SAP it’s clear that any misconceptions about SAP Business One being ‘too big’ for growing… Read more »

Watch: How to copy and paste from Excel into SAP Business One

Cut out unnecessary data duplication and error by using this handy copy and paste shortcut from Excel into SAP Business One. Watch this short video and follow this step-by-step guide to easily transfer data from your spreadsheets directly into SAP Business One. Find out more We’ve got lots of other SAP Business One training videos… Read more »

How to improve credit control in SAP Business One

Watch as Milner Browne product expert Richie Gaughan talks you through some of the core tools in SAP Business One before showing some of the additional tools from our B1 Apps range and Enterpryze. Tell me more Get in touch with your Milner Browne Account Manager to arrange a demo of B1 Credit Control or… Read more »

SAP Business One Tip of the Month – May: Closing Year End

Follow these simple steps and see how to complete the Year End process in SAP Business One In this short video, see what you things you need to do before starting to close Year End and also some important factors to remember when you are completing the process. Want to find out more about how… Read more »

Watch: SAP Business One Financials – Tips and Tricks

Do you know your journal entries from your accounts payable? Or how to extend key tax reports in SAP Business One? Take a look at this short video and join one of our experts as they focus on some common financial tasks and some handy tips and tricks for you to look out for. What’s… Read more »

Watch: How to set up authorisations to use Quick Copy in SAP Business One

Quick Copy in SAP Business One is a fast and easy way of moving data between different companies or from a test to a live environment. If your company has multiple databases for different facilities you can use the Quick Copy tool to quickly duplicate information between databases. But to copy data using the Quick… Read more »

SAP Business One Tip of the Month – April: New Posting Periods

See how you can define the posting periods you want to analyse in your fiscal year variants in SAP Business One. In this short video, see how you can create set up Posting Periods, set the correct dates to view, and what you need to remember to stop those annoying error messages popping up. Want… Read more »

Moving to Milner Browne saved us from bankruptcy

Industrial Cleaning Supplies (Liverpool) is a family-run business that dates back to the mid-1960s. The company works with a range of different customers to supply cleaning and other hygiene products. For over 45 years the company has built a reputation for supplying high quality products in an ethical and professional manner. The company had been… Read more »

SAP Business One Tip of the Month – March: SAP Online Help

Ever found yourself unsure how something works in one of the dashboards in SAP Business One? Or just want a bit of reassurance that you’re following the correct processes? SAP Business One has an inclusive Online Help resources to guide you along the way. In this short video, watch as one of our SAP Business… Read more »

Guest Blog: How You Can Create a Smart Warehouse with B1 WMS

Mark Rijke is the Managing Director at Milner Browne. He has worked in the ERP industry for a number of years, including a series of high-profile SAP Business One positions. During this time, he gained valuable experience as a consultant and project manager implementing SAP solutions.  Are you often frustrated by inaccurate stock levels? Or… Read more »

Women told to “be bold” by Ireland’s no.1 businesswoman

#BeBoldForChange When Lulu O’Sullivan returned to Ireland in the late 1980s she had no idea that one day she would be one of the country’s leading businesswomen. Today she is the CEO of Gifts Direct and The Irish Store. But three decades ago, things were different. After a taking a course that outlined the basics of starting… Read more »

Top 7 questions about upgrading your SAP Business One solution

We make upgrading your SAP Business One solution as straight forward as possible. It’s the way we like to do things here at Milner Browne. Moving to SAP Business One Version 9.2 means your company can take advantage all of the latest tools. There are nearly 50 in total, including browser-based access for on-premise solutions…. Read more »

Watch: How to control your data with Sharperlight

Sharperlight for SAP Business One is a reporting platform that brings your data to life. Create a variety of reports in this highly flexible, low maintenance tool that will improve your business intelligence. This integrated platform lets you easily build, extend and simplify the information stored within your SAP Business One database. The application lets your… Read more »

Get your FREE SAP HANA international payments add-on

There’s a new add-on for SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA,  that lets you make international payments at the click of a button. The International Payments App from TransferMate is completely FREE for Milner Browne customers if you are running a SAP HANA solution. The application adds a button into the SAP HANA dashboard… Read more »

Guest Blog: Spreadsheet: is it a Friend or Foe?

Sally Poff is the Operations Director at Milner Browne. She has extensive experience helping SMEs with the smooth transition from basic or out-dated software to affordable business management solutions. For many SMEs the first piece of software they’ll use will be the humble spreadsheet. Easy to use, convenient to amend and ideal for small businesses… Read more »

Five reasons why SMEs move from Sage Line 50

It’s the start of a new year and your business has big ambitions. Fantastic! But is your New Year’s resolution to achieve your goals already being disrupted by your business management software? Don’t worry, it’s a common issue in small businesses thinking big. Most SMEs will have some sort of accounting software to help manage… Read more »

SMEs urged to become ‘Digital Winners’

Small businesses are being encouraged to embrace new digital transformational trends to meet future opportunities, according to a new report. The Leaders 2020 report found that across Europe two out of five companies in Germany are capitalising on the digital economy, compared to just 1 in 100 in the UK. Globally, around 16% of organisations… Read more »

Stay on top of payments with B1 Credit Control

Milner Browne’s B1 Credit Control helps companies improve insight into outstanding payments and cash flow in a single dashboard. Rather than running and having to sort through debtor reports, SAP Business One users can use this convenient add-on to get instant access and more realistic cash flow projections. In this short video, watch as Dawn… Read more »

Watch: Transfer data from Excel into SAP with B1 XLSX Importer

Remove frustrations and complications around transferring data from Excel spreadsheets into SAP Business One with Milner Browne’s B1 XLSX Importer. Organisations no longer need a data transfer workbench (DTW) expert on site thanks to Milner Browne’s convenient add-on. In this short video, watch as Dawn Parker, Applications Director at Milner Browne, discusses the features of… Read more »

Save the date for the Milner Browne Executive Summits

Reserve your seat now and join Milner Browne at one of our exclusive Executive Summits next month. Take a few hours out of your schedule and find out the latest developments with SAP Business One and what’s going on at Milner Browne. In November, Milner Browne is hitting the road and hosting our Executive Summits… Read more »

Milner Browne raises thousands for homeless charity

The team at Milner Browne huddled together to brave the elements on Friday night to help raise more than $ 6,700 for the homeless charity Focus Ireland. Staff got their woolly hats and sleeping bags at the ready for the Shine a Light Night 2016 campaign to sleep out at work for a night. The hardy… Read more »

Watch: Manage service activities in Enterpryze

Run your service calls and related activities in the field in real-time with Enterpryze. Use handy tools when you’re away from the office to manage and maintain your SAP Business One solution. In this video, watch as Morgan Browne, Enterpryze CEO, gives an exclusive online demonstration of Enterpryze and explains how the solution can be… Read more »

All eyes on Enterpryze

See how your business can create its very own hybrid ERP solution this Autumn with Enterpryze. Use mobile first and the latest web technology to manage, maintain and update your SAP Business One solution through your fingertips. Join Enterpryze CEO Morgan Browne as he gives a series of exclusive online demos on how you can… Read more »

Why your business needs to automate to grow margins

New technologies and innovations have moved the goalposts for B2B sellers. Consumers now expect small businesses to provide the same functionality as larger organisations with huge IT budgets. If your business does not provide instant access to goods in stock, fulfilled orders or prices that catch the eye, then it risks losing customers to competitors…. Read more »

Run your business faster with SAP HANA

Get the performance once reserved for large companies in a solution designed just for SMEs. SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA, delivers a supercharged solution with unrivalled performance. Complete your common SAP tasks and then analyse Big Data in real time. By using an innovative in-memory computing platform, users can run complex reports and… Read more »

Watch: What is lean thinking

Shane Hughes, Managing Director at Lean Unlimited, runs through the basics of lean and discusses how these principles can help turn a struggling business into a profitable one. Watch as Shane explains how lean thinking is not just a series of activities or processes that can be added to a business. Want to find out… Read more »

Check out Milner Browne’s new cloud solution

Supercharge your business with Milner Browne’s new SAP Business One cloud solution, powered by SAP HANA. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of the cloud without ever having to worry about another upgrade again. Developed in partnership with our strategic cloud partner Ignitar , your business can now manage critical business processes in a secure cloud-based… Read more »

Soil Essentials and Milner Browne – simplifying and centralising processes in SAP Business One

For the past 15 years, Soil Essentials has been pushing the boundaries of innovative products and services to the UK’s agricultural industry. Working from an  idyllic base at the Angus Glens, the company uses its expertise to merge the latest technologies with long-standing farming practices to provide customers with practical solutions that emphasise agricultural efficiency…. Read more »

Take a tour of SAP Business One Version 9.2

Join Dawn Parker as she takes a tour of SAP Business One Version 9.2 in this short video. There’s nearly 50 new additions to the latest version of the world’s most popular ERP solution for small businesses. Watch as Dawn – a SAP Business One expert with decades of knowledge of the solution, selects some… Read more »

5 ways to choose the right SAP Business One partner

Here are five things to consider when choosing the right SAP Business One partner So you’ve chosen the world’s most popular ERP solution. Great! Now comes the tricky part. Selecting the right SAP Business One partner to implement, train your team and support your system can be the difference between your project succeeding and failing…. Read more »

A Consultant’s Tale Part 2: Why it’s all about SAP Business One

Gerry Reynolds is an experienced independent ERP consultant who formed GRCT Consultancy to help assist organisations select and implement business management solutions. In the first part of his interview, Gerry explained why Milner Browne stood out from other SAP partners he has worked with over the last decade. Here, Gerry discusses why he advises small… Read more »

Is your procurement smart?

New research has found that SMEs in the UK alone could save a combined £106bn each year if their purchasing strategy was refined. The study found that decision makers from more than 1,000 SMEs estimate that their organisation could save on average nearly £20,000 by shopping around for the best deals. However, 15% of respondents… Read more »

Watch: Protect your data in SAP Business One

Your data is one your company’s most valuable assets. So why not take every possible steps to ensure your databases are always maintained, protected and optimised. In this handy how-to video, watch as Milner Browne’s Wouter Maes, runs through a host of invaluable SQL database tips and tricks to keep your server running at top… Read more »

A Consultant’s Tale Part 1: Working with Milner Browne

Gerry Reynolds is an experienced independent ERP consultant who has been assisting organisations implement business management solutions through his business, GRCT Consulting, for approaching a decade. In the first part of his interview, Gerry (right) explains why Milner Browne is the leading SAP Business One partner he works with, and why the company stands out… Read more »

Guest Blog: There’s no such thing as a standard ERP solution

I have worked in the IT market place for some twenty years on the behalf of clients who want to get the most out of their investment in IT by improving systems, applications and ensuring their infrastructure is right for them. I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun! Over this time… Read more »

Watch: Visualise your data in B1 Analytics

B1 Analytics is Milner Browne’s reporting tool for SAP Business One. Connect your system – or any other database – and bring your data to life in a series of interactive dashboards. Boost your business intelligence with these affordable visual analytical dashboards. In this video, Chris Cooney, Business Intelligence Consultant, Milner Browne, demonstrates how easy… Read more »

SAP Business One: The Basics

SAP Business One is the world’s most popular ERP solution for small to medium-sized organisations. The software is used on a daily basis to support more than 50,000 enterprises across the world with more than 750,000 users relying on the solution to help simplify and complete tasks. Manage every aspect of your business with integrated… Read more »

Watch: Use the service module to run your support desk

Improve levels of customer satisfaction and response times by using the SAP Business One service module to easily manage your support calls. Watch as Milner Browne’s Nick Carr guides you through the tools available in the service call screen, how to create new support calls, how to assign these to members of your support team,… Read more »

Guest Blog: Taking the danger out of ERP

Neil Ivory is a Principle Consultant at Marlborough Management Group. He has worked on the behalf of clients for more than twenty years by helping SMEs to maximise their investments. The selection, implementation and use of any business system, whether it’s full ERP, CRM or any specialist solution, is fraught with issues, problems and, yes,… Read more »

Watch: Control your data in SAP Business One with Sharperlight

Extracting and controlling your data in SAP Business One into user-friendly reports is now made easy with Sharperlight. Sharperlight is a simple, low maintenance platform that extracts data from SAP Business One in a matter of seconds. It helps users to gain valuable insight into business intelligence in just a few clicks. In this video, Donald… Read more »

Watch: The SAP Customer Checkout for SAP Business One

Get a powerful point of sale system for your growing retail outfit. The SAP Customer Checkout integrates effortlessly into SAP Business One and provides retailers with all of the tools to manage key front-end and back-end activities in one solution. In this video, watch as Richie Gaughan gives an overview of the front-end tools available… Read more »

Browne’s Blog: Simplicity – it’s complicated

When you’re in the heart of a growing business one of the greatest challenges is simplicity. Back in the 1960s, the U.S. Navy designed a principle to manage operations. The famous KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) acronym was born. You can’t be stupid to keep it simple. But in a growing business  simplicity is one… Read more »

Watch: What can SAP Business One do for manufacturing firms

Milner Browne’s SAP Business One manufacturing solutions have been proven to increase operations and reduce costs and waste. Our experienced team have implemented hundreds of manufacturing solutions that have delivered performance from plant-floor to delivery. In this short interactive demonstration, see Douglas McDove, one of Milner Browne’s most experienced consultants, give an overview of the… Read more »

Guest Blog: When hiring a data analyst isn’t the answer

So you’re hiring a commercial or data analyst? Great. But If your job description matches the criteria below, it sounds like you need more than a new analyst…Mike Scott takes a quick look. To gain a better insight, let’s first take a look at a sample description similar to ones often posted on recruitment websites…. Read more »

Watch: Take a tour of the SAP Business One Customer Portal

The SAP Business One Customer Portal is full of handy documents and provides users with official updates and the latest news. In this short video, watch as Malika Sanoune, Support Technician at Milner Browne, gives a tour of the Portal and picks out a number of handy features available for S-Users to use. See how… Read more »

Head to the cloud with SAP Business One

Spend time getting ahead of your rivals and developing innovative new products rather than spending thousands on your IT budget with a SAP Business One cloud solution. In this short video, watch as Ignitar’s Jonathan Browne – one of Milner Browne’s strategic partners – gives an overview on the basics of cloud computing. See how… Read more »

Simplify intelligence in SAP Business One

Simplify intelligence in SAP Business One with Sharperlight. Use this simple, low maintenance platform to extract data from your database in a matter of seconds. In this exclusive demonstration, watch Sharperlight’s Donald Wynne give an overview of a some of the reporting tools and see how this affordable business intelligence tool that grows with your… Read more »

Create alerts and authorisations in SAP Business One

Make sure your staff are kept up to date with important changes by creating essential alerts and authorisations in SAP Business One. Watch as Niall O’Hara, SAP Support at Milner Browne, discusses the different alert options available to users and see how these can be customised for different members on your team. There’s also instructions… Read more »

Roseland Furniture to bed in SAP Business One

Roseland Furniture has selected Milner Browne to deploy SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA, to manage the company’s growth ambitions. The family-run business has selected a new business management solution to replace several disparate solutions and help the company cope with customer demand and effectively manage its supply chains. Michael Broom, General Manager at Roseland, said… Read more »

ERP for everyone

There was a time when ERP software was reserved for large enterprises, but now those days are now gone. Everything is about to change with Enterpryze. “We’re democratising ERP and making it accessible to everyone,” said Morgan Browne, CEO of Milner Browne, in an interview with the Sunday Business Post yesterday. “What I mean by that… Read more »

Browne’s Blog: What does the digital economy mean for your SME?

The digital economy seems to have been around for ages. SMEs were right to initially take a backseat and wait to see how this new ‘economy’ takes shape before taking a strategic approach. But for many SME owners, it’s still unclear what the digital economy actually is. At last week’s SAP Business One Summit in Barcelona, Luis Murguia, the Global… Read more »

Make reporting easy in SAP Business One

You no longer have to be a Crystal Report expert to pull the data you want out of our your SAP Business One solution. Sharperlight is a reporting and integration framework that simplifies intelligence at the click of a button. Sharperlight has been developed over the last twenty years and now easily integrates into either… Read more »

How to use the SAP Business One RSP

The SAP Business One RSP is a free resource for SAP Business One users that provides proactive maintenance of systems to prevent and repair time-consuming and unwanted maintenance issues. The Remote Support Platform lets your staff or IT department to focus on more important support services. Rely on the RSP to help with implementations, upgrades… Read more »

Watch: How to control manufacturing operations with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a proven tool to help growing manufacturing firms. It helps improve data integrity and deliver real-time insight into performance levels. Join Clive Black, one of our manufacturing experts, as he demonstrates how to control manufacturing operations from SAP Business One. With automated tools to effectively manage production lines and levels of… Read more »

Milner Browne to diversify into hat industry

SAP Gold Partner Milner Browne is preparing to take its first steps away from the technology industry and move into the fashion industry. The Dublin-based organisation, which is more commonly known for creating affordable SAP Business One solutions for SMEs, will launch its range of headwear at the Dublin Fashion Festival this September. In keeping… Read more »

An introduction to SAP Business One for wholesale and distribution

Achieve operational excellence across your wholesale organisation with SAP Business One. Cut unnecessary costs and streamline supply chains by integrating and simplifying key processes. SAP Business One is the world’s most popular ERP solution with more than 50,000 SMEs using the software to manage operations. In this short video, Milner Browne Lead Consultant Sotos Soteriou… Read more »

Watch: Simplify business partner records in SAP Business One

Store and manage key customer details and documentation in a single dashboard with B1 360°. Watch this short video and see how to simplify business partner records in SAP Business One. B1 360° has been developed by Milner Browne to create one single customisable dashboard that provides essential information on customers and suppliers. In this short… Read more »

Watch: What’s in the Boyum Pack for SAP Business One

Extending the functionality of SAP Business One has never been easier than with the Boyum Pack. Now used by more than 2,000 customers across the globe it’s one of the most popular add-ons for users looking to get more. But what’s in the Boyum Pack for SAP Business One? In this video, Boyum expert Naama… Read more »

How to take credit card payments in SAP Business One

Tired of your staff spending time on the phone taking credit card payments in your small business? Then there’s all the subsequent administration that slows things down even further when trying to process payments. The B1 iPayment add-on makes all that a thing of the past. Here’s how to take credit card payments in SAP… Read more »

Watch: An introduction to the SAP Business One Academy

The SAP Business One Academy is a FREE resource where users can access information and training material and learn from experienced experts.   Navigate your way through the various options to get handy work-arounds and upskill using best practice techniques.   In this short video, Sharon Mulligan, Senior Support Consultant, Milner Browne, gives an overview… Read more »

Watch: How to measure the success of an ERP project

So you’ve removed your disparate solutions and implemented a new ERP system in your business But what’s next for your business? In the final part of his webinar series, Mike Smith, Director at Gradient Consulting, explains how to measure the success of an ERP project and talks through best practice when assessing whether your new solution has… Read more »

How to use Outlook to update SAP Business One

One of the great things about SAP Business One is how it can be customised to suit different companies and even job roles. The Boyum add-on is a perfect example of its. And it’s how users can use Outlook to update SAP Business One. The Boyum Pack is one of the most popular add-ons out… Read more »

Watch: Utilising Support and Maintenance with Milner Browne

We want to make sure our customers get the most out of their SAP Business One support and maintenance contracts with Milner Browne. That’s why we’re constantly making improvements to serve our customers better. We’re committed to offering customers our award-winning support services to make sure their solution is fully maintained at all times to… Read more »

The MBA – a different type of qualification

Yesterday we opened our doors for the first time for the Milner Browne Academy seminars. After months of planning and lots of brainstorming sessions it was great to finally say hello to our customers as they visited us in our Dublin HQ. The Milner Browne Academy is a unique learning experience for our SAP Business One customers…. Read more »

Highlights from the SAP Business One Partner Day 2016

Milner Browne (formerly IIS Group) has been a regular visitor to the annual SAP Business One Partner Day. This helps us and our strategic partners to learn more about the latest innovations and SAP’s plans for the coming year. This year we were again celebrating after being presented with the award for Most SAP HANA… Read more »

Wednesday Webinar Series Returns for 2016

The popular Milner Browne Wednesday Webinar series is set to return next month. Due to popular demand, our SAP Business One experts will again be hosting a series of live presentations just for Milner Browne customers. Topics will focus around best practices for using SAP resources and SAP Business One. We will also let you know… Read more »

Browne’s Blog: Top 3 ERP trends for 2016

The ERP revolution continues to gain momentum — but what are going to be the top 3 ERP trends for 2016 your business should keep an eye on? I could sit here all day writing about the benefits of deploying an ERP solution. I often get asked what’s next for ERP. Here’s my predictions for… Read more »

Tireless Milner Browne deploy SAP Business One at Innova Solutions

Milner Browne’s expert team of SAP consultants have been praised for their ‘hard work’ and ‘commitment’ after Innova Solutions successfully deployed SAP Business One. The stockists of high strength bonding tapes have now been equipped  with a SAP Business One wholesale and distribution solution, including certain add-ons from Milner Browne’s B1 Apps range. But it… Read more »

50,000 reasons why SAP Business One is No.1

Earlier this month SAP Business One saw the number of small to medium-sized organisations using the application reach 50,000 for the first time. The milestone was reached after more than 5,000 businesses across the globe chose SAP Business One as their ERP solution of choice in the last year alone — an average of 18… Read more »

Simplify processes by going hybrid

The hybrid hosting model seems to be getting more attractive to small businesses by the day. The opportunity to enjoy the flexibility and cost savings associated with cloud computing, without having to completely move away from existing solutions and hardware, is obviously an appealing factor. Small businesses are choosing to move to the cloud whilst… Read more »

Browne’s blog: There’s no such thing as in-no-vation

I often speak to small business owners about the struggle to break down the barriers holding back their business growth ambitions. At Milner Browne we’ve always used the ideology of listening and finding a way. It’s what makes us different — unique in many respects. The beauty of innovation is finding ways to break down… Read more »

There’s just one week to go until the Milner Browne era…

After months of preparation there’s now only one week to go until the IIS Group completes its evolution into Milner Browne. Since Morgan Browne, IIS Group CEO, announced his plans to rebrand the organisation back in Dublin it’s been an exciting journey for everybody at the company. Some of our team have been with IIS… Read more »

Part 2: Milner Browne helps dairy to save £80k a year with SAP Business One

Medina Dairy is one of the largest dairies in the UK selling around four million litres of milk a week to customers across food and drink and restaurant and hospitality sectors. In 2011, Medina decided to deploy SAP Business One from the Milner Browne to solve the challenges it was facing with its previous Legacy systems…. Read more »

Why your SME needs ERP

Cash reserves aren’t something small businesses are famous for. In fact, selecting a new business management solution is one of the biggest investments an organisation will undertake. Many enterprises ask themselves if they can afford a new company-wide solution. In fact, the question they should be asking if whether they can afford not to implement… Read more »

Part 1: Milner Browne helps dairy to save £80k a year with SAP Business One

Medina Dairy is the UK’s largest privately-owned dairy in the UK. With a production operation set within 157 acres of farmland in rural Hampshire the company is proud of its links to the land and farmers that help the family-run business supply customers throughout the UK. Established in 1980, the company now has depots throughout… Read more »

Watch: An introduction to the B1 Production Suite

The new B1 Production Suite from the IIS Group helps your business simplify complex production process with a set of innovative tools. Developed by the IIS Group in-house team of SAP certified developers, the new B1 Production Suite includes several modules that allows your business to extend the manufacturing capabilities of SAP Business One. In… Read more »

Watch: How to manage Fixed Assets in Version 9.1

Managing fixed assets in your organisation is one of the most important processes to ensure financial records are correct when the auditors come calling. In SAP Business One Version 9.1 has all of the tools needed to easily track and record all of your fixed assets. Here, in this short video, Senior SAP Support Consultant… Read more »

IIS Group set to star at Croke Park

The IIS Group is set to host its largest event later this year at the stunning Croke Park venue in the heart of Dublin. On Wednesday 9th September delegates from across Europe are invited to attend The IIS Group Innovation Summit 2015 to witness the latest developments to SAP Business One and the innovative B1… Read more »

Sample UK

“Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt. Neque… Read more »

Watch: Manage business expenses with Concur and SAP Business One

Tired of keeping various receipts to retrieve your travel and work expenses each month? There is an easier way with Concur and SAP Business One. In this short demonstration, Adrian Lloyd, highlights how this convenient software can reduce the laborious task of paper-based expense claims and help manage business expenses. Want to find out more… Read more »

How much do your expenses cost you?

Most people dread doing their expenses — employees avoid it because it’s time consuming, and managers don’t like it because it involves going through stacks of paper receipts — not to mention the awkward back-and-forth dance between your employees and finance. Studies have shown that manual expense reporting takes approximately 4.5 hours per claimant per… Read more »

Top-five reasons why SAP Business One is perfect for SMEs

The word SAP often strikes fear in many small business owners. The misconception around the cost of SAP software for small businesses and how long projects take to implement can put some people off. However, a recent report showed that SAP continues to dominate the ERP market for SMEs, compared to the likes of Oracle,… Read more »

Fall in love with SAP Business One this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon there’s never been a better time to bring people together in your small business — albeit not necessarily romantically! For a small business, there’s nothing more important than having different departments aligned and working in tandem. SAP Business One can help fire Cupid’s arrow in the direction of your… Read more »

SAP Business One Hosting Options – What’s right for you?

The days of companies having little choice but to dedicate office space to a clunky server are thankfully over — or at least they should be. Advances in technology now provide small to medium-sized enterprises with various options on how to host their IT system. For instance, SAP Business One is now available either in… Read more »

What next for SAP Business One?

SAP has released an updated roadmap for the popular ERP solution SAP Business One. Planned future innovations include improving core functions, business process coverage to help boost local competitiveness and superior management and analytical capabilities powered by SAP HANA. On going extensive investment and fresh innovations in SAP Business One will provide unparalleled dedication to… Read more »

Top four FAQs about SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a new game-changing platform which leverages the power of in-memory technology to analyse growing data within your business. Yet SAP HANA isn’t just about ‘Big Data’. In fact, it’s perfect for small to medium-sized organisations providing a modern solution to host real-time applications alongside analytic tools without slowing down your IT system…. Read more »

SAP Business One Tips and Tricks

Want to get more out of your SAP Business One solution? In this short webinar with our SAP Business One expert Dawn Parker, learn about essential shortcuts to improve your everyday usability and productivity. Want more tips and tricks? Arrange a call with one of our SAP Business One experts or contact your account manager… Read more »

Browne’s Blog: SQL vs HANA

I have recently been asked to describe simply the difference between SQL and HANA databases. The simplest explanation I have come across is the Walkman versus the iPod. Firstly, it’s the natural evolution to memory storage but the business benefit is that you can access the information you want much easier and in different ways…. Read more »

What’s new in SAP Business One 9.1?

SAP Business One Version 9.1 is the second release in the V9 family and has been developed to include a host of significant simplifications and extended functionality for enhanced usability. Alongside these new functions, Version 9.1 is easier to extend, quicker to implement and has an enhanced lifecycle management thanks to a series of integrated… Read more »

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