Surfer Mobile is a true cloud, multi-tenant mobile solution that enables you to connect to SAP Business One. Milner Browne’s development team has designed the application specially for iPad, iPhone and Android devices to give users on the go access to critical company data.

Users without an SAP license can now access their Business One solution in a user-friendly mobile first environment. You can administer and set-up Surfer yourself in minutes.

All you need to know is your SAP server IP address, database type and database username and password. Then away you go. If you need some help our team are available to help you connect to SAP. By the way, Surfer works with SQL and SAP HANA databases.

That’s not even the best bit. There’s no set-up fees and there’s a standard -10 per user, per month charge. Nothing else. No additional costs, no support costs and no contract.

Setting up Surfer

  1. Register your business within Milner Browne’s Surfer Cloud. This creates your private, secure cloud environment
  2. Connect to SAP Business One. Then…
  • Download the server connector and run it on your SAP server
  • Enter your IP address
  • Configure the connection and test

Any problems? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Contact us at:

3. Using the administration console you can add, remove and give different authorisations to users

4. Simply invite the user to download the mobile app and register with your domain name. Administrators then authorise them on the system and grant relevant access rights

By selecting a user and clicking edit you can decide what feeds they can see and even what transactions appear in their feed. Don’t worry, at any stage through the console you can remove a user and wipe the data remotely from their device.

It really is as simple as that! Your users can now access the valuable information in your SAP Business One solution on their mobile device. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to email us on: support

Surfer Mobile FAQs

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