What is Surfer Mobile
It is the first, true cloud, multi-tenant solution for SAP Business One. This innovative application allows you to connect your SAP Business One solution to Surfer and provide all or some of your employees with the information you want them to have remotely.

Is there an APP to download?
Yes, Surfer has an Android and IoS app to download from relevant sites. It also has a web app for windows phones.

Does Surfer work offline?

Of course! This native app works offline so you can use the software where there is no mobile data connection.

Can I create transactions in SAP?
Yes. Users are able to create everything from an opportunity to invoice, activities and service calls too.

What are feeds and why do I have different ones?
Feeds are chronological lists of transactions from SAP.  You have your own feed, a company feed, a colleague feed and a customer feed. Types of feed:
My Feed: lists all the transaction related to you
Company feed: all transactions being entered into the system
Colleague Feed: the transactions relating to a particular colleague
Customer Feed: transactions related to a customer

Can I control what a user sees?

As you create different users you can decide which feed they can see. You can even decide what transactions they can view within a specific feed. You can also decide if they can see all your customers, or just the ones they are assigned to in the customer record.

What is Surfer Social?

Surfer Social is designed to help your staff communicate more effectively. There are three types of social. All Company lets users post to a bulletin board; Messages allows users to set up message groups; and Mapping allows users to see where each other are. Within the messaging tool you can tag a customer using the @sign and trend discussions using hashtags.

Is there any reporting?

Dashboards are set to be integrated in Q1 2016.

Any other plans for Surfer?

There will be a full HTML client for Surfer in Q1 2016.

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