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Funding and Finance

Approach the right way to finance and turn upfront costs into affordable periodic payments to purchase SAP Business One solution for your business.

Funding and Finance

Cost-effective financial options

Milner Browne provides businesses with a range of options to purchase an SAP Business One solution in the most cost-effective, tax-efficient way.  

How does it work?

These financial options allow you to invest in new cost-saving technology but pay for it as your organisation gains real benefit. Your business can enjoy the efficiency savings and productivity gains an SAP Business One solution delivers without breaking the bank. 

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These affordable finance options have been designed to:

  • Match your payments with measurable benefits over the time you use your solution;
  • Meet your anticipated cash flow peaks and troughs;
  • Accelerate your return on investment by paying for the solution as it delivers value back to your business;
  • Preserve in-house capital and third-party credit lines for more strategic business use;
  • Provide flexibility to acquire additional equipment without increasing existing periodic payments.

Anything else I should know?

Spread the cost of your new solution while making notable savings over the term of your agreement.

Here is an example of how it works

Solution cost: 5,000.00

36 monthly rental payments: 163.00

Tax Savings: You are able to fully deduct the rentals (both capital and interest) charged under a lease agreement in deriving your taxable profit.

Return on Capital Employed (ROCE): Taking the finance lease option also allows you to re-allocate valuable cash resources to other important areas of your business providing a significant return on investment. 

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Our Finance Operators

Genesis Capital

Finance operations
in the UK

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Finance operations in Ireland

Genesis Capital

Finance operations in the UK 

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Finance operations in Ireland

Discuss with us which finance option works best for your business

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