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B1 Add-Ons

Milner Browne in-house customised add-Ons for your SAP Business One solution.

Innovative SAP Business One add-ons to customise your solution with B1 add-ons and create an industry-specific solution

Customise your business management solution as your organisation grows

Create the solution that meets your exact business requirements. The B1 Add-ons range from Milner Browne is a collection of innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into SAP Business One. It’s never been easier or more cost-effective to customise your business management solution as your organisation grows, expands and innovates.

B1 Production
B1 Distribution and Warehouse Suite
B1 Retail
B1 Project

Download B1 Production Brochure

Download B1 Distribution and Warehouse Brochure

Download B1 Retail Brochure

Download B1 Project Brochure

Compete with larger rivals by becoming more agile, effective and responsive

The additional functionality for specific industries allows SMEs to compete with larger firms.

What is included?

  • Simplify complex manufacturing processes with B1 Production Suite;
  • Reduce stock levels and improve cash flow with B1 Distribution Suite;
  • Use B1 Retail Suite to drive efficiency and profitability;
  • B1 Project Suite provides real-time visibility into company-wide activities.

Maximise your solution

In addition to the B1 add-Ons, fulfil the potential of your solution through our additional services.

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