Sharperlight for SAP Business One provides users with a reporting and integration framework that offers a low maintenance and highly flexible platform to enhance Business Intelligence (BI).

Use these integrated set of tools and productised connectors to easily build, extend and simplify intelligence in your SAP Business One database. Sharperlight makes it easy to securely move your data across various applications in real-time.

Data is important. But it can also be confusing. Sharperlight takes away any complex queries and makes databases understandable and user-friendly. Your data is no longer hidden away or a mystery.

Sharperlight in Action:

Watch as our Business Intelligence Expert, Sehem Ali gives a demonstration of how Sharperlight can make reporting a breeze.

BI is changing the way that SMEs function. Whereas these tools were once reserved for large organisations with huge IT budgets, Sharperlight breaks down these boundaries for growing organisations.

Instant dashboards, report packs, integration and consolidation of data from SAP Business One save significant time and money by providing a flexible platform to turn your data into measurable insight.

Tools include:

  • Query builder
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Page based reporting
  • Explorer (drill down/drill through)
  • Web channel / Publisher / Dashboard
  • Technology / Studio

Want to find out more? Get in touch with one of our Sharperlight experts today to see how you can simplify the information in your SAP Business One solution. Arrange a callback here and we’ll be in touch right away.


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