Celebrating operational excellence

Success is rewarded at Milner Browne. Each year we select three of our highest performing staff for one of our exclusive awards. At the start of January each year our teams get together to celebrate our achievements over the last 12 months. It’s the perfect opportunity to host he Milner Browne Awards.

Milner Browne Sprinter Award

Our new starters bring energy and bright ideas to Milner Browne. That’s why their success is rewarded. Starting at any organisation isn’t always easy. But those that hit the ground running and make a real impact in their first year at Milner Browne are nominated for the Sprinter Award.

Milner Browne Employee of the Year

Teamwork is key at Milner Browne. Different teams have to work seamlessly to successfully deliver our award-winning services to clients. The Employee of the Year Award is voted for by employees and presented to a member of staff that others always rely on when help is needed.

Milner Browne CEO Award

It’s difficult to pick one person that stands out at Milner Browne. But that’s the envious job Chief Executive Morgan Browne does each year. Morgan selects the person that has delivered value across the last 12 months and made a real impression to clients and colleagues.

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