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What’s new in SAP Business One Version 9.2

SAP Business One users will be able to access their on-premise solution via a web browser for the first time in new features introduced by SAP in Version 9.2.

An improvement to the log-in process is just one of 48 new major functional enhancements and modifications added to the solution.

Other important new tools include the ability to manage and analyse projects effectively and more accurate production cost management.

In the Administration module users will now be able to import additional types of data from Excel into SAP Business One. Data ownership has also been extended to Business Partners.

There’s improved efficiency when managing Fixed Assets thanks to a new virtual asset concept. Accounting enhancements according to International Financial Reporting Standards have also been introduced.

New Sales & Purchasing tools include the ability to re-open the sales/purchase order when reserve invoices are in use to reflect real business scenarios. Marketing documents on the A/R side can be generated electronically for editing purposes, and there’s also the option to define a gross freight amount that includes tax calculations.

Users accessing the Business Partner module will find enhanced campaign management functions to run initiatives without having to re-enter specific key details.

Enhancements in the Banking module include the ability to set authorisation for the different functions within the cheques payments section.

Businesses will also be able to restrict bin locations according to units of measurement in new Inventory tools. There’s also new price list update wizard functionality and greater flexibility when picking items.

The MRP & Production module has tools to create and maintain forecasts for items per warehouse. Production Orders now provide start and end dates at line level for use in MRP, resource capacity and ATP.

For greater convenience there’s the addition of a business partner tab in the service call dashboard to avoid users having to navigate to the BP master data record. Additionally, there’s new ways to support suppliers in the Service module.

SAP is currently undertaking a preview program for Version 9.2 with its partners ahead of its ramp-up programme, which is planned to commence at the end of November 2015. A full general release is expected in May 2016.

Want to find out more about SAP Business One Version 9.2 or are interested in upgrading your solution to take advantage of the new tools? Speak to your Account Manager or one of our sales team for further details.

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