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Watch: Control your data in SAP Business One with Sharperlight

Sharperlight LogoExtracting and controlling your data in SAP Business One into user-friendly reports is now made easy with Sharperlight.

Sharperlight is a simple, low maintenance platform that extracts data from SAP Business One in a matter of seconds. It helps users to gain valuable insight into business intelligence in just a few clicks.

In this video, Donald Wynne continues his demonstration of Sharperlight and highlights not only how easy it is to build reports, but also to share these securely online with colleagues.

In this video see Donald go through tools including:

  • Web reporting
  • Customised dashboards
  • Materialised queries

Want to find out more about Sharperlight? See the first part of the Sharperlight demonstration here to understand how the platform integrates with SAP Business One. Or get in touch with one of our SAP Business One business intelligence experts here.

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