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Top-Five Cloud Savings You Never Knew About

Dan Poff from MyCloud discusses in this guest blog about the hidden savings associated with moving to the Cloud

There are many features and benefits of the cloud which are well known. But did you know about the top-five hidden savings which can also be made by moving your business to the cloud?

1.     Security

Your business can benefit greatly from your cloud provider’s internal security practices. By leveraging your provider’s security certifications for audits and as a cost reducing value add, your business will not need to implement these costly security practices.

2.     Development Environment Costs

Once your cloud migration is complete, the cost of maintaining a development environment will decrease dramatically. Usually your development environment will be constantly running, which means that costs are fixed. In the cloud, your business only needs the environment operating when you’re developing — resulting in a flexible pricing model to avoid unnecessary costs.

3.     Future Deployment Standardisation

The cloud will allow your business to standardize your deployment methods. By doing this you are reducing the Total Cost Ownership (TCO) in the long run. Granted this is a long-term cost saving, however it will add huge value to any business which is going to experience high levels of growth in the coming years.

4.     High Availability

By building your IT infrastructure and using best practices, such as co-location and even multiple cloud providers in certain cases, you can make sure your business critical applications are always available. This will ensure that there is no revenue loss due to ‘downtime’ as your infrastructure is always ready to go when the business needs it.

5.     New Markets

Moving to the cloud allows you to reduce costs associated with entering a new market. Since the cloud can essentially be a consumption-based model, new services can be quickly and easily implemented without having the burden of cost of internal co-location or actually having a physical office with on-site servers in a new market.

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