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The Wholesale Holy Grail

There’s often a myth in smaller wholesale firms. One that to achieve a streamlined operation you have to install sophisticated and expenses processes. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are certain key formulas for running a successful operation. But these are achieved by connecting together your operating systems.

First of all you must replace disparate solutions. Your organisation is wasting precious time if it’s pulling data from one solution to add to another.  You’re wasting resources. And you’re also leaving yourself wide open to human error and data duplication. Even worse, there’s then data corruption to worry about. And nobody wants that headache.

Once you’ve got all your key intelligence stored in one place you can make a start analysing performance. That leads on to exploring how you can cut operating costs. Here’s a good example. Real-time insight into stock levels will prevent your business from guessing what’s going on in your warehouse. When you can rely on your data there’s no need spending money in overtime to count nuts and bolts.

When you’ve got to grips with your warehouse you can meet customer and supplier needs better. If you can provide customer facing staff with instant information you can then begin to meet and exceed expectation and satisfaction levels. This often leads to more return business coming your way.

By having the ability to track what’s coming in and out your business will also be able to forecast more accurately. Stay ahead of the game. Then there’s no need to waste funds on ad-hoc orders or investing in assets that catch dust in warehouse corners.

SAP Business One is the world’s leading ERP solution for growing organisations. There’s now more than 50,000 customers across the globe that rely on the software each day. The integrated solution manages every aspect of an organisation from a single database. That connects departments and provides instant access to key company-wide information.

Over the last decade we’ve deployed more than 400 solutions to SMEs who wanted to streamline operations, make productivity gains and boost profits. Use our experience, innovation and expertise to make real improvements in your business.

Want to find out more? One of our wholesale experts is just a phone call way. Or have a look at our industry-specific wholesale solutions we’ve created for your business to build its own customised ERP solution. And remember, there is such a thing as the wholesale holy grail. It’s achievable with Milner Browne.

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