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How to take credit card payments in SAP Business One

Boyum add-on for SAP Business OneTired of your staff spending time on the phone taking credit card payments in your small business? Then there’s all the subsequent administration that slows things down even further when trying to process payments.

The B1 iPayment add-on makes all that a thing of the past. Here’s how to take credit card payments in SAP Business One.

Organisations can now securely store users’ information and process credit card payments directly from within SAP Business One.

B1 iPayment eliminates the possibility of entering incorrect payment details with users having a secure link to enter their own details in a secure PCI compliant environment. Details are automatically updated centrally in SAP.

Other main features include:

  • Support for multiple Credit Cards in a single transaction
  • Automatic authorisation and settlement
  • Accept Credit Cards directly on incoming payments
  • Aligns with multiple Payment Gateways
  • No details are stored on databases to optimal security
  • AVS/CCV2/CAVV fraud integration with the gateway

Developed in partnerships with one of the UK’s leading payment service providers, B1 iPayment provides the final piece of the jigsaw to make SAP Business One the ultimate business management solution for SMEs.

Want to find out more about B1 iPayment and other add-ons in the Boyum package? Get in touch with one of our Boyum experts today.


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