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86% of organisations can do more with their data

86% of organisations can do more with their data

Data 2020: State of Big Data Study Milner Browne Blog Post

Enterprises are still not maximising the potential of their data, according to a new global study.

Data 2020: State of Big Data Study found that 86% of businesses believe they can still do more with their data.

More worryingly for organisations, almost three-quarters of respondents said their data landscape is so complex it is limiting their ability to make informed decisions.

The research was commissioned by SAP who spoke to more than 500 IT decision-makers in nine different countries across the world, including the USA, UK, China and Brazil in August 2017.

The study revealed that 83% of organisations believe they could benefit from an integrated solution to help them understand and process Big Data more effectively.

Inaccessible Data

Fifty percent of respondents said that data is inaccessible to a variety of key business stakeholders across their organisation because of siloed information and disparate systems.

This is despite 53% of enterprise-level organisations employing a dedicated data analyst to turn information into measurable reports or dashboards.

“The results of the study point to complexities in data management that can be solved by analytics solutions that add value and data scientists who can make sense of the staggering amounts of information that enterprises collect,” said Greg McStravick, President of Database and Data Management at SAP.

You can read about further findings from the Data 2020: State of Big Data Study here.

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