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We are excited to announce a very special event for our customers and partners in UK and Ireland. The SMB Growth Summit will take place on October 17th, 2019 at the Helix, DCU campus,


Dublin. The event is hosted by Milner Browne in partnership with Bank of Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, SAP and many more to be announced.

The SMB Growth Summit was inspired by feedback from you, our customers and business partners. We are all SMBs; we are all facing similar business challenges across HR, Sales, Marketing with the same aspiration to “grow and be successful”.

Who is it for?

All SMBs across Ireland and the UK, Milner Browne partners, DCU business and computing students and Service providers for SMBs that focuses on growth enablement and expansion are welcome to attend.

What to expect?

Throughout this summit, you can attend a mix of keynotes presentations, expert panel discussions and their Q&As. Join breakout sessions and visit the exhibition area, where you will be able to network, all while discovering the business and solutions of the exhibitors. You will also have the occasion to meet with business and computing students to share your experiences and maybe even recruit some talent. Of course, refreshments and food will be provided throughout the day.

Why attend?

Representing over 90% of the business population and 60 – 70% of employment, SMBs have established themselves as a crucial influence over today’s economic growth across the globe. With SMBs reflecting such a large proportion of the business population, their growth can be directly translated to economic growth for the region in which they are located.

The SMB Growth Summit is a one-day event focused around your business and the issues you might face while expanding. It will also provide the potential for new business partnerships.

As an ambitious SMB community, we share our drive for growth and search for knowledge. We’re always looking for the best approach to tackle the biggest challenges or seize the greatest opportunities. Many areas and factors, both internal and external, need to be taken in consideration during this process. Each SMB has different levels of knowledge and experiences that are specific to their own path.

Milner Browne are uniquely positioned to host the SMB Growth Summit – bringing together a wide ecosystem of businesses, industry experts and thought leadership across UK and Ireland to inspire you and your team to see new growth opportunities and potential new partnerships.


We hope you can join us. We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues there.

To register as a customer, partner, or exhibitor, please visit our Event Page.


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