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Six reason why SAP HANA suits your business

SAP HANA V2If it’s not broke then why fix it, right? That might be the thinking for many small businesses using SAP Business One who are in two minds about moving to the powerful SAP HANA platform.

Last month we blogged some key questions about SAP HANA. But it’s important to remember that upgrading to SAP HANA isn’t about replacing the traditional SQL database; it’s about providing your business with a host of innovative tools to gain insight into complex business equations.

SAP HANA will benefit any type of small business — especially those that process large volumes of transactions or need instant insight into key organisational intelligence. This technology was once reserved for large enterprises with huge IT budgets. SAP HANA shatters that glass ceiling and puts all companies — regardless of size — on a level playing field.

So what are the main benefits of SAP Business One powered by HANA? It’s pretty simple:

  1. Better, faster decision making through unrivalled reporting
  2. Empowered employees able to gain real-time insight into standard or ad-hoc reports, without having to contact the IT guys
  3. Fast transactional processing allows your staff to gather the information as and when they need it at the click of a button
  4. Significant return on investment through smarter business decisions
  5. A simple data migration tool enables a smooth transition to SAP HANA with minimal downtime.
  6. Long term security with SAP HANA’s roadmap already planned to play an integral part of SAP Business One’s future.

Want to find out why SAP HANA is right for your business? Give us a call today to arrange to speak to one of our HANA experts. 

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