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Simplify processes by going hybrid

This is a derivative of 'Up' by Yogendra Joshi, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License at: hybrid hosting model seems to be getting more attractive to small businesses by the day. The opportunity to enjoy the flexibility and cost savings associated with cloud computing, without having to completely move away from existing solutions and hardware, is obviously an appealing factor.

Small businesses are choosing to move to the cloud whilst hosting sensitive data behind their own firewall. But there’s more than security issues that are attracting ambitious enterprises.

Without having to pay the expenses associated with maintaining and updating software, plus ensuring hardware is working correctly, organisations have the opportunity to make real cost savings on their IT budget — money which can be invested back into new ventures.

Additionally, and importantly, organisations also have the chance to simplify their processes by enjoying the best of both worlds. Of those businesses who have already made the switch to a hybrid environment around three-quarters testify how key processes are now less complex.

The beauty of a hybrid approach is its simplicity. By moving certain aspects of a solution to the cloud, or just an end-to-end process, efficiency gains can be made. The key to continuous improvements is to keep things simple. Organisations shouldn’t change their processes for changing sake just because they’ve got a hybrid model.

The hybrid approach is a working and evolving model. Organisations can switch more and more processes to the cloud as and when they feel comfortable doing so. The hybrid model is the next generation of hosting and a solution that delivers a taste of cloud computing for small businesses before transferring all tools digitally.

Want to build a hybrid environment that matches the requirements of your organisation? Get in touch with Milner Browne to see how we can deliver an ROI solution for your business. 

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