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SAP and Google team up in the cloud

milner-browne-home-mobileSAP and Google have formed a new strategic partnership to help businesses run operations in a secure cloud environment.

The agreement will provide SAP customers with added flexibility, scalability and speed by running certain products on Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP).

The deal aims to improve the governance of data, risk and compliance management in the cloud by combining SAP’s experience and Google’s technology.

Details of the partnership were announced during Google’s Cloud Next ’17 conference in San Francisco.

SAP’s Bernd Leukert, a member of the Executive Board for Productions and Innovation, said Google was a “frontrunner in topics like containerization and scalable data processing” and the two companies are working to make more developments in the coming months.

Under the agreement, SAP HANA will be released on general availability on the GCP for customers to get real-time insights and analytics in a scalable and secure cloud environment.

SAP will also use Google’s Cloud Launcher Marketplace to offer products to developers and customers. It will start by uploading the developer edition of SAP HANA, express edition.

“We are working on making SAP Cloud Platform, our platform-as-a-service offering, also available on GCP,” said Leukert.

“Our SAP Cloud Platform unit will work closely with Google on making technologies such as Kubernetes work for enterprise workloads. SAP Cloud Platform on GCP represents a tremendous opportunity for our customers to build enterprise cloud applications from the endless combinations of services and APIs GCP and SAP Cloud Platform offer.”

The two companies will also begin to integrate applications from SAP with Google’s G Suite. The move will let SAP customers to improve daily processes by integrating tools such as Gmail and the Google Calendar with the aim of increasing productivity.

“With the size, scope, and scale of both our companies, we see a great opportunity to completely transform the way end-to-end business processes and enterprise software are run in the digital economy. And this is only the start,” added Bernd Leukert.

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