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SAP ERP takes market share, report finds

SAP takes ERP market shareMore small businesses are choosing an SAP ERP solution, such as SAP Business One, to help run operations, a new independent report has found.

The Clash of the Titans report revealed that nearly a fifth (19%) of all SMEs who took part in the survey selected an SAP solution, ahead of Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and Infor.

Research found that SAP was the most popular vendor that was shortlisted by potential new ERP customers. And It was also chosen as the most likely to be implemented compared to its competitors.

SAP Benefits

Around 470 respondents took part in the survey, which quizzed organisations and individuals who had recently implemented either an SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or Infor ERP solution.

Of the benefits realised after implementation, the number of people who said they had achieved more than 50% of expected improvements was considerably higher in new SAP users.

More than a third (36%) of SAP users said they had enjoyed a significant number of benefits, compared to 26% of Dynamics, 21% of Oracle and only 10% of Infor users.

Cost-effective Cloud

SAP users were the only band of respondents who had selected to deploy a hybrid solution, combining an on-premise and cloud platform to host their chosen application.

Interestingly, organisations who selected a cloud-based solution from SAP made the greatest cost savings, with less associated hidden costs that other options, added the report.

Finally, the report found that organisations who had selected an SAP solution required the least customisation from their solution. “High levels of customisations may indicate that organsations are failing to perform proper due diligence when evaluating systems against their business requirements,” the report said.

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