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SAP Business One vs Netsuite

Gone are the days when you had to select either an on-premise ERP solution or one hosted in the cloud. Nowadays, businesses want to ensure they have access to company data anytime, anywhere..

NetSuite was the go-to option for companies looking to start with cloud solutions, but times are changing. As new software has entered the market and SAP’s cloud offering has matured, the tables have turned.

SMEs are now favouring SAP Business One vs NetSuite. Why?


SAP Business One has been helping businesses grow for decades. With more than 60,000 SMEs around the world. There’s no other solution that can compete with its popularity.
In fact, if the number of daily users stood on each other’s shoulders they would reach the moon. Talk about taking your business places!


NetSuite used to offer businesses a lower cost ERP entry point with its cloud-based subscription model. This is no longer the case. .
With new solutions entering the market like Enterpryze, you can now get your hands on a cloud-based SAP Business One solution for less than a weekly trip to your local coffee shop.

Enhanced Performance

Several years ago, NetSuite only had a couple of data centres around the world. this resulted in poor performance and frequent downtime due to routers not being configured correctly and access points with limited access.

However, Gartner found that when SAP Business One was powered by Amazon Web Services, it offered better performance and flexibility than NetSuite. SAP Business One even allows you to work offline and your data will sync as soon when you reconnect.

Next steps

If your business has outgrown its current software and needs a reliable solution that won’t break your budget, see how our SAP Business One solutions can help. Arrange a no obligation 1-to-1 demo. We will show you even more reasons why you should select SAP Business One as your next ERP solution.

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