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What’s new in SAP Business One Version 9.3 – New Tools

SAP takes ERP market shareThe latest version of SAP Business One is new, improved and packed full of exciting features and enhancements.

So what’s included in SAP Business One 9.3? Mark Rijke, Head of Go-to-Market and Product Expert, takes a look at some of the new tools and explains how these will help your business.

As with any version of SAP Business One it’s filled with lots of new tools to make your life even easier. Here are some of the more significant new additions in Version 9.3.

Production Routing

This is a really handy tool if you’ve got a light production requirement. It provides you with the option to add Route Stages to BOMs and production orders, and lets you easily schedule and manage different stages of manufacturing.

Project Management

SAP have added lots of new tools here. There’s a new overview screen which displays the whole project structure and a new timesheet report. There’s also a new billing wizard. Version 9.3 provides users with a comprehensive overview relating to projects.

Gantt Chart

In addition to the new project management dashboard, users can also get a project overview in the Gantt Chart feature. It provides the ability to see the bigger picture, and then drill down into smaller details.

Return Material Agreement

I know this is something that users have been asking for a while now. Version 9.3 lets you pre-step return documents, enter agreed quantities and prices and the reasons why goods are coming back before they are returned.

The rest

Make sure to check out my next article, where I look at some of the enhancements added to SAP Business One Version 9.3.

If you want to find out more about what’s included in Version 9.3 get in touch with us or speak with your Account Manager. We’d love to tell you more and talk you through the upgrade process.

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