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SAP Business One Version 10.0 is here!

We have done the testing on the early adoption released by SAP and we are impressed by the new functionality and the features that have come into the latest version of Business One. We are happy to announce that we will be rolling it out to our customer base for any users that wish to get the opportunity to upgrade to 10.0.

Here are some of the things that you can expect from the latest version of SAP Business One:

  1. Web Client

The newly anticipated web client has launched with version 10.0, bringing in the new UI and design process implemented by SAP along with sophisticated analytics. Users can now use the web client to log into SAP without the need of launching the desktop application and can create and update sales quotes, orders etc.

  1. Enhanced UI

New icons and menu options under the view menu gives the user the ability to hide the toolbar and enlarge the working area. This benefits the user in showing the information about the company clearly and switching between companies is now only one-click away. All of this along with a redesign of the screens to show SAP’s “Belize Deep” skin that has been inspired by the Fiori design.

  1. Brexit Localisation

This new localisation has been introduced for the UK to support any users post-Brexit, in this localisation MTD & Extended Tax Reporting are set by default. This helps bring a smooth transition from pre-Brexit UK to the new UK localisation.

  1. Office 365 Integration

This integration along with OneDrive allows document layouts, grids and reports to be exported directly into Excel & Word. It also allows for more flexibility in reporting and document layout management. This provides easier reporting and document layout management and you can now access these documents from anywhere with the automatic uploading into OneDrive.

  1. Drill Down into Financial Reports

The capability to drill down into Financial Reports has a huge benefit of new users of SAP Business One, with direct access to account details and account balances of relevant accounts increases usability. These golden arrows have been added into the Balance Sheets, Trial Balance and Profit and Loss statement pages, allowing you to drill down into each transaction.

These are only some of the key features that have been released, SAP Business One Version 10.0 brings much more than the features that we have highlighted above, to find out more or if you would like a one-to-one demo of SAP Business One Version 10.0 please contact your account manager or and we will be able to set one up for you as soon as possible.

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