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SAP Business One Hosting Options – What’s right for you?

SAP B1 Cloud Logo V4The days of companies having little choice but to dedicate office space to a clunky server are thankfully over — or at least they should be.

Advances in technology now provide small to medium-sized enterprises with various options on how to host their IT system.

For instance, SAP Business One is now available either in the ‘cloud’, hosted externally or as a traditional on-premise solution. But what’s best for your business?


After decades of storing information on a local server, it’s little surprise many businesses still opt for an on-premise hosting option. The traditional on-premise option stores data internally on a local server and is perceived to provide added security with business intelligence housed behind an internal firewall.


Failing costs have seen more small businesses choose a hosted solution. With Milner Browne, we’ll host and manage your solution meaning you can focus on making your business as competitive as possible. Additionally, with our hosting options, we’ll update and upgrade your SAP Business One solution and provide you secure, any time access to your key intelligence as and when you need it.


The new kid on the block. Cloud computing is an attractive proposition for businesses looking to exploit the benefits of modern technology. Investments in IT can be significantly reduced with a cloud hosting solution that provides scalability as your business expands. Your data is stored, managed and processed externally by Milner Browne in virtualised pools of storage access via the internet. More importantly, you don’t even have to buy or install any software with our monthly subscription offers!

Want to find out more about our SAP Business One hosting options? Arrange a call with one our experts today to find out what’s best for your business.

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