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SAP Business One boss: It’s all about innovation

Luis Murguia, Senior Vice President, SAP Business One
Luis Murguia, Senior Vice President, SAP Business One

SAP Business One’s range of innovative tools make it stand out from similar ERP solutions, according to Luis Murguia, the global head of SAP Business One.

Speaking in an interview with ARN he outlined how the solution enables smaller companies to compete with larger rivals thanks to SAP HANA and the use of powerful dashboards and predictive analytics.

Murguia revealed that SAP Business One is currently attracting three-times more customers than NetSuite and gains more 1,000 new customers across the globe each quarter.

He also outlined how SAP Business One’s partner community is driving innovation and enhancing the product’s core tools. There are more than 600 industry-specific add-ons for SAP Business One — including the IIS Group B1 Apps range.

“What has made Business One so strong is our three pillars,” Murguia said.

“SAP HANA has created a tremendous opportunity because it allowed Business One to scale from small businesses with up to 100 employees to companies with more than 500 employees. The second dimension is Cloud and next year we’re going to make it even easier for customers to run it in the Cloud.

“The third is mobility. There are close to seven billion mobile devices in use these days and every vendor should have a mobile first policy. We’re going to strengthen our mobile apps especially the areas of sales and service professionals.”

He added how the localised tools within SAP Business One allow it to be a truly global product. But there was one thing which really makes it stand out when compared to other alternatives.

“It’s also about innovation, because it runs on SAP HANA we can provide large enterprise level of capabilities in a simple way for small business owners to use too such as powerful dashboards and predictive analytics.”

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