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Why your business needs to automate to grow margins

sales automation New technologies and innovations have moved the goalposts for B2B sellers. Consumers now expect small businesses to provide the same functionality as larger organisations with huge IT budgets.

If your business does not provide instant access to goods in stock, fulfilled orders or prices that catch the eye, then it risks losing customers to competitors. But how is a growing company expected to compete with the likes of Amazon or eBay? The answer is automation.

Sales automation tools within SAP Business One let SMEs make each sale count by integrating sellers and customers with the right content and insight. By integrating and automating key processes, organisation can drive levels of efficiency, remove bottlenecks that hinder productivity and ultimately deliver greater value to customers.

These tools enable social collaboration to keep your consumers up-to-date with the latest offers. They also let staff drill-down into customer records and provide teams with full visibility across the sales cycle.

A recent survey in the US found that around 80% of manufacturers and distributors questioned admitted they still process customer purchases by hand. That’s potentially huge amounts of important data open to human error – not to mention the duplication tasks. In separate research from SAP, organisations who used automated tools identified a 30% increase in sales-qualified leads closing.

There’s no getting away from the fact that with a greater ability to engage customers anywhere at any time, that organisations have a greater chance of increasing levels of retention and sales.

Use SAP Business One to drive lead management, gain instant access to real-time customer records and performance intelligence. Not only will efficiency and productivity increase in internal operations, but customer expectations can be realised and your business will have the opportunity to stay ahead of competitors.

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