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Watch: How to set up authorisations to use Quick Copy in SAP Business One

Quick Copy in SAP Business One is a fast and easy way of moving data between different companies or from a test to a live environment.

If your company has multiple databases for different facilities you can use the Quick Copy tool to quickly duplicate information between databases.

But to copy data using the Quick Copy tool, you must have the required authorisations.

Watch this short video and follow the simple steps to set up the correct authorisations from one database to another and then start to switch large amounts of information without wasting hours extracting and importing data sets.

Quick copy features

  • – Open company configurations from XML files
  • –  Save company configurations to XML files
  • – Copy configuration data from test environments to live environments
  • – Copy a complete company configuration from one company to another
  • – Copy partial configurations between companies
  • – View logs of previous copy processes

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