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News feature: UK small businesses leading technology adoption

This is a derivative of 'data.path Ryoji.Ikeda - 4' by r2hox, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License at: across the UK are leading the adoption of new technology compared to similar organisations in other countries across Europe, a new report has found.

Independent research as part of a new report found that it was only SMBs in the US (29%) who were the most active in deploying the latest technology, with the UK a close second (27%).

Across the rest of Europe, small businesses in the Netherlands were the third most proactive (25%), followed by France and Belgium (24%) with Germany somewhat behind (10%).

More than 3,000 small business leaders took part in the global study — which defined leading adopters as having three or more different cloud products deployed.

Research found that nearly half (47%) of all of the small businesses interviewed had some sort of cloud solution in place.

Additionally, the survey found that in organisations with more than three cloud products enjoyed on average a 26% growth in revenue this year, compared to 14% in enterprises with up to two cloud solutions.

The report quizzed small business owners on their reasons for adopting new cloud applications. Nearly a third (32%) of UK SMEs said IT cost savings were their primary driver with other countries, such as Germany, pointing towards improved security features online.

In fact, organisations across Europe noted how a change to the cloud had decreased the number of reporting security incidents. Organisations in France said incidents had reduced by a fifth (20%).

Back in the UK, research found that wholesale and distribution firms were the most reluctant to deploy new technology. More than six-in-ten firms admitted waiting until they had no option but to change software. Research found that professional services organisations were the least likely to implement a new solution which would help improve their growth prospects.

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