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News Feature: SAP HANA helps Germany to World Cup glory

This is a derivative of 'Germany 4 : 0 Argentinia' by Gexon, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License at: innovative project between SAP and the German Football Association (DFB) helped the German national team lift the World Cup in Brazil yesterday.

SAP and the DFB worked closely before and during the tournament on the SAP Match Insights application, hosted on the powerful SAP HANA platform, to improve the analysis of training, preparation and performance in matches.

Oliver Bierhoff, SAP Brand Ambassador and General Manager of the German national team, said the software had ‘transformed the football experience for coaches, players and fans’.

SAP Match Insights provides a simple user interface that can be used by both footballers and their coaches to create an interactive dialogue to debrief on opposition teams to prepare for important fixtures.

Additionally, the software can also be used by the media to deliver better informed commentary on the progress of matches and individual players via the use of Big Data.

During just ten minutes of a football game, players can create a huge of amount of data which is analysed by SAP HANA’s real-time capabilities.

In just 10 minutes, 10 players with three balls can produce over seven million data points,’ Oliver Bierhoff explained. ‘SAP HANA can process these in real time. With SAP, our team can analyze this huge amount of data to customize training and prepare for the next match.

Following the success of the German national side and their use of SAP Match Insights, it’s now expected more football clubs will implement the software.

‘Big data is an incredible resource for coaches and players to contextualize information and draw well-informed conclusions to optimize training and tactics,’ said Fadi Naoum, Senior Vice President, Application and Innovation Head of Sports and Entertainment, SAP. ‘It’s high time to make this type of information accessible to sports journalism and the fans as well.’

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