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New support launchpad set to be released

Support Launchpad for SAP Business OneTraditional support tools used for SAP Business One are set to integrated into a new platform in mid-July.

The support launchpad for SAP Business One will include a host of new tools which were previously used for daily tasks, such as user management and license key requests.

SAP says the new launchpad will “provide a seamless support experience” for SAP Business One users with “consolidated access to support resources in a single, intuitive interface.”

When the new tool goes live on July 16th 2016, it will replace the existing Customer Dashboard. Users who currently save popular links as a bookmark or ‘favourite’ within a web browser, should automatically be redirected to the replacement tool.

Users running SAP Business One Version 9.2 PL05 and later will be able to access the launchpad under the help section.

SAP will store all former and current incidents within the new support platform.

The new launchpad will be hosted on a new infrastructure and SAP advises uses to reset their S-user password and to use the SAP Passport as best practice to avoid any initial issues logging-on to the support tool.

Existing tools will be fully functional until Saturday 16th July, when they will either be replaced or retired by SAP.

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