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Press Release: Milner Browne to simplify and integrate production processes at leading casting foundry

Milner Browne wins Most SAP HANA Sales






Wednesday 18th November, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Leading SAP Business One partner Milner Browne will work with CIREX to simplify and integrate production processes at leading steel alloy manufacturer.

The Almelo-based firm, which uses traditional wax processes to develop and produce components, has selected Milner Browne to implement SAP Business One and additional modules from their B1 Apps range to replace an outdated and fragmented solution.

CIREX, which also has two production facilities in the Czech Republic, will receive associated services and award-winning support from Milner Browne, alongside their new integrated business management solution.

Morgan Browne, Chief Executive at Milner Browne, said the introduction of SAP Business One will help to align production activities.

“Milner Browne is delighted to have been selected by CIREX to supply and support SAP Business One. The introduction of SAP Business One and the additional tools from the B1 Apps range will provide visibility and connect CIREX’s production processes across Europe,” he said.

Hans Alferink, Director of Finance at CIREX, explained how SAP Business One was an ideal fit for the enterprise after the system it currently uses is no longer supported.

“After careful consideration SAP Business One emerged as the solution that delivers the most cost-effective application for CIREX,” he said.

“Because we work across three production sites that each perform in conjunction with each other, it is of high importance to have comprehensive logistics management. The introduction of SAP Business One, combined with certain B1 Apps, will allow us to follow production processes across all locations. With this integrated approach we expect to gain advantages in streamlining our internal processes.”

Hans added that CIREX decided to partner with Milner Browne after analysing several ERP vendors.

“Milner Browne were recommended to us by SAP. The company has a focus on production companies and work with implementation consultants who know what they are talking about. Additionally, the B1 Apps range makes it possible for a production company like ours to work with the standard SAP Business One software.”


Notes to Editors

About Milner Browne:

Milner Browne provide business management software, services and support to small and medium-sized enterprises. The company specialises in supporting and developing SAP Business One — the market-leading ERP solution that has more than 42,000 customers worldwide.

The company combines industry expertise and award-winning customer service with flexible SAP Business One solutions that deliver long-term value to businesses across Europe. Milner Browne is an SAP Gold Partner and one of Europe’s leading SAP Business One VARs, with more than 400 successful implementations to date.

Designed to offer enhanced functionality, the Milner Browne B1 Apps range has been designed and developed to offer industry-specific tools to provide SAP Business One users with better integration, visibility and control. For further information visit:

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