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Kingspan Access Floors Continue to Experience SAP Business One Benefits a Decade On

Kingspan Access Floors Logo Flooring specialists Kingspan Access Floors have been using the ERP solution SAP Business One for more than a decade. Since its implementation in 2004, the company has witnessed improvements in levels of employee activity, aligned inter-company departments and improved levels of transparency and customer service.

Mike Simpson, IT Manager, discusses why SAP Business One continues to impress and what he’s most excited about upgrading to Version 9.0.

What system did you have in place prior to the implementation of SAP Business One?

We had a Legacy green screen system called Multisoft. This was predominately a financial system which didn’t have any MRP or ERP functions.

What problems was the company encountering before it considered SAP Business One?

The old software had limited functionality for the entire business with tools only relevant for specific departments. We soon realised that we needed an ERP system. Whilst the old software was okay for tasks such as project management or accounting, it certainly had its limitations.

So how has Kingspan Access Floors benefitted from using SAP Business One over the last decade?

As well as the costs we’ve saved and gains in productivity we’ve witnessed, SAP Business One has given us the flexibility in the last few years to massively improve things what we do in terms of add-ons and reconfiguration as our business has grown.

Because SAP Business One provides all the tools we need within one solution, with functions for production, finance, stock management and the various other modules, we’ve been able to gain company-wide visibility.

Additionally — and more importantly — the insight into our inventory levels is now excellent. The stock management and related tools really help us keep everything under control — especially the cycle counting functions, which are particularly useful.

Equally, employees working within the production team can see what’s in the pipeline and ready for manufacturing over the coming weeks.

How has SAP Business One allowed you to improve levels in customer service?

The convenient features of SAP Business One mean that our customer service team do not have to keep going to their colleagues in the warehouse asking about levels of stock. It’s very easy to see from their screen what levels of stock we currently have.

Why have you never considered using another ERP solution in the ten years you’ve been using SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is different to what a lot of people think they know or understand about SAP software. SAP Business One is affordable for a small company such as ourselves. In fact, we’ve recently recommended it to our Spanish partners. What’s more, the cost of ownership and ease of maintenance is also something which is in SAP Business One’s favour when compared to other ERP solutions.

What is it about SAP Business One Version 9.0 that has caught your eye?

With the new functionality of SAP Business One Version 9.0 we expect to continue making significant improvements in the way we manage our warehouse and stock levels.

The functionality around bin locations is something which we believe is going to be one of the biggest advances in V9. That’s probably the key feature which we’re really excited about and can see the benefit to our business. But there’s also additional functions which we believe will be of assistance. Version 9.0 automates a lot of processes — again boosting levels of productivity within our teams.

When we start using bin locations, it will provide us with a lot more flexibility and speed compared to how we use the solution at the moment.

How would you describe the customer service provided by IIS?

The levels of service provided by IIS are very good. A recent enquiry email I sent through to IIS was returned by the close of business within the same day. I’ve never had any issues with the standard of support provided by IIS. The company has been excellent ever since we partnered with them.

Want to discover how IIS and SAP Business One can deliver lasting results within your business? Contact us today to see how we can make your business better.

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