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Isn’t SAP a bit complicated?

In the 1990′s a major paradigm shift occurred in business development with the launch of Michael Hammer’s book, “The Reengineering Revolution”. The book became a bible for many consulting firms who looked at the whole “Business Process Reenginerring” (BPR) concept as a great opportunity to generate new revenue streams by helping their customers undertake such projects. The only software available at the time that could cope with the massive changes in business layout was SAP R/3 (colloquially known as “Big SAP” — the SAP solution as used by the likes of Rolls Royce, Nestles and Coca Cola.)

Thus, SAP became associated with the whole cost of the business re-design -not just the software implementation -and with that developed SAP’s reputation for a price tag that, let’s say ”matched such indepth projects”.

However SAP Business One is very different to SAP R/3. SAP Business One is specifically designed for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and comes “out of the box” with most of the functionality an SME would need with additional enhancement available for in the form of B1 Apps. SAP Business One projects can be installed in days and produce measurable ROI in weeks if that is what a customer needs.

The case for a little judicious complexity: When you look at the processes in a mid sized business, they are very similar to those in a large company operating in the same sector. It is through this complexity that smaller companies often gain their competitive advantage. For example, a small company is far more likely to create unique pricing structures for each customer/product combination: a large organisation is more likely to use a standardised pricelist. SAP Business One allows smaller businesses to be far more agile and responsive to market pressures in these kind of instances to manage and take full advantage of quickly changing conditions.

In case that wasn’t enough to make you think again about SAP Business One, SAP have produced a video, replete with funky soundtrack to make the case:

SAP Business One — Not Too Complicated

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