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Interchem: “We rely on SAP Business One for everything we do”

Interchem: We rely on SAP Business One for everything we doDublin-based Interchem is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical, biological and super-premium pet food products for the animal health market across Ireland.

The company, which was established in 1966, and reconfigured into its current form in 2007, is renowned for having a history of supplying veterinary / pharmaceutical products into the veterinary industry for use on both farm animals and household pets.

Back in 2011, Interchem deployed SAP Business One from Milner Browne to replace an outdated solution. Gerard Perry, a Director at Interchem, explains why and how the company has since benefited.

What solution were you using before SAP Business One and what problems were you experiencing?

We were using a solution called Exact. We hadn’t upgraded the solution for a number of years and we really needed a new version. When we compared Exact and SAP Business One we decided to go with SAP. The upgrade in Exact was to a new platform so there was no continuity so we were able to judge all options as each required a steep learning curve. It was a complete change — but one we needed.

How did you first hear about SAP Business One and Milner Browne?

We researched the solution initially and then one of our consultants suggested we look at SAP Business One. That’s what we did and decided the solution was right for us.

What have been the main benefits Interchem have experienced since deployment?

We’ve got around 1,200 active customers across Ireland. We have got about the same number of SKUs’ that we supply. So to have all of these on a central database has been superb for us.

I’m currently attending the Milner Browne Academy as I’m keen to take full advantage of the full range of modules and tools in SAP Business One. We also intend to move to SAP Business One Version 9.2 to take advantage of all the new additions and functions in there including the web browser aspect. .

The Financial Accounts Module is very comprehensive and for me as a Chartered Accountant provides comfort on the completeness and accuracy (once set up properly) of financial data produced. We are constantly improving our levels of customer service and having instant access to sections like business partner activities and service history will capture all contact with our customers. .

Have levels of efficiency and productivity improved with SAP Business One?

Our levels of efficiency have definitely improved. Company information is really easy to access. We have automated the process of invoice and statement issue which saves enormous amounts of time, paper and money. It’s a really green initiative that we have adopted. Sap Business One is now the heart of our operations.

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