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Moving to Milner Browne saved us from bankruptcy

Growth from moneyIndustrial Cleaning Supplies (Liverpool) is a family-run business that dates back to the mid-1960s. The company works with a range of different customers to supply cleaning and other hygiene products. For over 45 years the company has built a reputation for supplying high quality products in an ethical and professional manner.

The company had been using an enterprise planning solution for a number of years. But after this had become unsupported, SAP Business One was suggested by the company’s IT provider. But a series of complications during the implementation period left ICS facing serious financial issues. Managing Director, Matt Dodgson, knew a change was needed.

Rescuing the company

Matt began researching other potential partners in the hope they could rescue the project and his failing company. And after looking on the SAP website for local Gold Partners he found Milner Browne.

“When I looked online and read up on the other partners I quickly came to the conclusion that Milner Browne was the best option for us. Having the Chester office only a short distance away was a big advantage for us.

“The initial phone call I made was absolutely brilliant. They quickly explained how they could help. Within 20 minutes I was speaking to another member of staff who came to visit us the next day to start getting things sorted. When you are in the sort of mess that we were, you need somebody to come in and put their arm around you and say ‘right, let’s get this sorted’. And that’s exactly what Milner Browne did.”

A simple transition

Transferring to Milner Browne, an SAP Business One Recognised Expert, from their former SAP partner was a simple task for ICS. Within a week they had moved over and began to get things back on track.

“The training we received from the consultant was first-class. His level of knowledge of SAP Business One was brilliant. And he was really patient as well. We basically had to go back to square one, but we had to do that. In about a month he had turned things around.”

Now, after working with Milner Browne for a number of months, Matt has noticed other benefits – alongside a fully functioning SAP system. “Everything has been impressive. Milner Browne are so organised,” he added. “The speed of which the company reacts is second to none. When you ask for something or for support within an hour it’s done. Whereas with our old partner we’d be asking them over and over again and then three weeks later it still wouldn’t be ready or right.”

What’s best for you

The successful switch to Milner Browne has led Matt to wish he’d made the move sooner – especially given the situation the company had found itself in. “Don’t wait. Just do it,” Matt added. “We wish we’d moved sooner to Milner Browne.”

Want to get more out of your SAP Business One solution? Move to Milner Browne today. Help your business realise its potential with our teams of experts.  

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