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‘Game changer’ SAP Anywhere gets UK launch

New software aimed at helping SMEs meet customer interactions in the new digital economy has been launched by SAP in the UK.

SAP Anywhere is a native mobile solution that includes digital tools to manage e-commerce, marketing, customer engagement, inventory management and analytics from a mobile device or computer.

The solution includes all of the user-friendly features in a cloud-based application and eliminates the need to manage a complex IT infrastructure or use various applications just to engage and transact with customers.

Rodolpho Cardenuto, President of Global Channels and General Business, SAP, called the UK launch ‘great news’.

“Small and midsize companies worldwide are the lifeblood of the economy,” he said.

“SMEs need SME solutions — solutions engineered specifically for them. They also want immediate return on their investment. That’s why I’m so excited about SAP Anywhere. It’s a simple solution for growing companies. It’s a game changer. We believe it’s going to revolutionise our business and the industry.”

SAP says the solution, which is aimed at SMEs with between 10 to 200 staff, will help small businesses grow their organisation in one solution. SAP Anywhere gives SMEs and their customers the ability and flexibility to make anytime, anywhere purchases.

Whilst developing SAP Anywhere, SAP partnered with major technology innovators operating in the SME sector. These include Google, PayPal and UPS to offer small businesses a solution that directly integrates into its partners’ platforms. This allows SAP Anytime to process PayPal payments whilst enjoying Google’s popular productivity and collaboration tools.

“Communicating with customers is the most important work for any small business,” said Rahul Sood, Managing Director, Google Apps.

“These businesses can now interact with their customers more effectively from within Google Apps with full visibility of their customer and inventory data using SAP Anywhere. We are excited about the work we are doing with SAP to deliver better integrated experiences across Google Apps and cloud solutions from SAP for our joint users.”

Users of SAP Business One can integrate these new digital tools into their own solution to complement their business model.

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