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ERP is as Easy as 1-2-3

ERP is as Easy as 1-2-3If you’ve finally had enough of your accounts team complaining about ineffective spreadsheets, your production manager bemoaning a lack of visibility into KPIs and your IT expert unsure how to extract data from a myriad of disparate systems it’s time to consider an ERP solution.

The benefits of a sophisticated ERP solution are wide-ranging for a small business. Savings can be made through managing a smarter warehouse, increased productivity and improved quality and reduced lead time. Not to mention the various financial, production, sales and reporting tools.

In fact, addressing pain points in your company is as easy at 1-2-3 with ERP:

 1.      Collect, Manage and Distribute

An ERP solution allows you to collate data in one system — ending the process of information silos in your warehouse and finance departments. This means reduced-time-to market, higher productivity to boost sales and a greater market share.

 2.      Measure, Analyse and Simulate

With an advanced ERP solution you’ll be able to plan and react sooner and more effectively to demand. Not only will you be able to make smarter business decisions, your business can stay competitive and ahead of its rivals with accurate analysis and forecasting ability.

3.       Integrate, Collaborate and Engage

Modern ERP solutions, such as SAP Business One, have been designed and developed with modern consumer habits in mind. With the option automate integration with suppliers and your customers, you can track incoming materials, outgoing goods and extend the visibility and control of your stock — essential when dealing with customer orders.

Want to find out how IIS and SAP Business One can help ease pain points in your small business? Request a Callback and we’ll tell you the rest.

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