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Creating a Smarter Warehouse

Left frustrated by inaccurate stock levels or unimpressed by the time it takes to deliver customer orders? It sounds like it’s time for a warehouse management system (WMS).

Poor warehouse management often leads to stock being placed in the wrong location — and that’s if you can find it at all! If this sounds like a common theme in your business then an automated inventory and warehouse management system will provide various advantages.

The benefits of a sophisticated WMS include improved stock accuracy, increased order fulfilment and the ability to meet customer requirements. Goods in and out are tracked in real-time increasing productivity and inventory turns, creating higher standards of traceability and visibility.

For your business, the potential return of investment goes beyond cash savings.

Stock takes and audits are more accurate and refined. Companies are also able to eradicate levels of theft and, more importantly, reduce stock levels not turnover.

IIS’ purposely developed B1 Warehouse Management add-on enhances SAP Business One and provides users with clear and concise visibility across the whole of your warehouse activity.

Via a convenient hand-held device, orders are tracked, recorded and automatically updated into SAP Business One eradicating the use of paper records and reducing admin overheads.

Perfect for companies aiming to improve batch management and delays from cash to order, SMEs can finally put delayed customer orders or ‘stock outs’ in the despatch bin thanks to B1 Warehouse Management and SAP Business One.

Contact us today to see how IIS can transform your supply chain management.

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