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Browne’s Blog: Simplicity – it’s complicated

Keep it simple, stupid When you’re in the heart of a growing business one of the greatest challenges is simplicity. Back in the 1960s, the U.S. Navy designed a principle to manage operations. The famous KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) acronym was born.

You can’t be stupid to keep it simple. But in a growing business  simplicity is one of the most challenging things to do — especially when you’re the Chief Executive. When organisations grow, new people, products and systems are adopted. It’s natural that you try to put some structure to ease your growing pains.

But these new introductions often makes things complex… tell me about it.

As small business owners it’s important that we make sure to keep an eye on what made us great in the first place. What was the catalyst for growth that caused the need to onboard new people? If your culture is agile, adaptive and customer centric then don’t surround your team with processes and paperwork that prevent them from doing that.

At Milner Browne a sense of family is core to our culture. That means we are supportive, trusting and respectful to each other. We don’t have to worry about individual targets, egos or personal agendas. As part of our simplification strategy we went back to three core business targets: total revenue growth, customer satisfaction and employee engagement — simple.

To achieve simplicity it’s important to get back to basics. Introduce a plan that the whole organisation buys into. Something that will be key to success and positively impact everybody if done correctly. Look at things like technology, management, structure, marketing and productivity.

Morgan Browne is the Chief Executive of Milner Browne. He has led the company to be one of Europe’s leading SAP Business One partners and takes a hands-on approach to leading the business. As a true technology enthusiast, he is constantly pushing the boundaries to provide affordable innovation for small businesses. In 2015, Morgan was selected as an EY 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year and led Milner Browne to be only one of a select few companies across Ireland to be selected in successive years as a Best Managed Company by Deloitte.

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