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Break Records with SAP HANA

Businessman using graphs on screenWorried about the time it takes your business to make important decisions? Does ineffective software slow you and your business down? It’s a common issue in many small businesses. The answer to your problems is the powerful SAP HANA platform.

SAP HANA powers a new class of real-time analytics and applications, in addition to supporting SAP Business One functionality. SAP HANA’s unique in-memory database can analyse vast amounts of data as and when it’s created. All this without complex layers of data management and storage. Your business can finally get the answers it needs as and when required!

So what makes SAP HANA so special? The platform runs an amazing 3600x faster than standard databases. That means unrivalled speed for business discovery and innovation. Finally, transformation agility is possible.

But SAP HANA isn’t just about speed — it’s also about intelligence and insight. Both structured and unstructured data can be pulled from internal and external sources to be analysed. This allows your businesses to unlock new insights with predictive, complex analysis in minutes rather than hours.

Innovation is at the heart of the SAP HANA platform. The configurability, easy integration and revolutionary capabilities make HANA flexible for any task within your business. More importantly, with fewer data layers and a simpler landscape SAP HANA is affordable for small to medium-sized businesses.

With the ability to complete real-time reporting and speed-of-thought analysis you can finally capture incremental revenue to make key cost savings. Optimise revenue streams, reach customers more efficiently and plan and forecast more confidently with SAP HANA.

Want to find out more about the power of SAP HANA? Arrange a callback with one of our SAP HANA experts to see how it can transform your SAP Business One solution.

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