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3 Benefits of B2B E-Commerce for SMEs

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Having an online presence is more important than ever for SMEs today. Overcoming time restrictions and facilitating communication with consumers can be a true asset to the growth of an SME.

We asked Luke Pheasey, Senior Marketing Manager for UK & Ireland at Sana Commerce to tell us more about the benefits of B2B E-commerce for SMEs.

3 Benefits of B2B E-Commerce for Small and Medium-size Businesses


No matter what size your business is, an e-commerce platform can make a massive difference to your sales revenue. There are many other benefits to having a B2B e-commerce platform, but here’s just 3 of the ones we think are key here at Sana Commerce.

1. It Lowers Your Costs

With an online store not only can you grow your sales, but you can also lower your costs. Even though doing so might sound impossible, modern technology makes it possible, allowing you to automate and streamline your processes. And by doing so, your company can cut down on any unnecessary costs, all while making your company more efficient.

2. It Helps Collect Customer Feedback

When you give your customers an excellent online experience, they will keep coming back for more. A truly positive experience can even help grow your sales. Great B2B e-commerce transforms its customers into evangelists who believe in the product and fervently promote it.

3. It Helps Internationalise Your Business

Of course, having a brick-and-mortar store might have brought you success in the past but it has bound your business to a certain location. With an e-commerce platform you can start selling to B2B customers around the world, outside your normal office hours. You can still offer customer-specific catalogues and prices but if you want to help internationalise your business, it would be very effective if you choose to make

your product catalogue public. But no worries if you decide to stick to the classic closed B2B catalogue, you can still use targeted online marketing to help catch the attention of new customers.


Interested in learning more? Sana Commerce will be exhibiting and speaking at the SMB Growth Summit. In the meantime, you can also learn more about B2B e-commerce at Discover the other 43 benefits of B2B e-commerce

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