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Enhanced customer service with SAP Business One

“The ease of use and speed are incredibly important to a business like Trulife. With SAP Business One we’ve reduced the time taken to produce the accounts from six days down to two and a half.”

– James Collier, UK Financial Controller

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SAP Business One

About Trulife

Trulife is owned and managed by a group of highly professional and experienced healthcare executives since 1987. Trulife is internationally based and totally engaged in the creation, development, manufacture and marketing of niche healthcare products. The Group activities encompass Orthopaedics, Breastcare, Prosthetics and Pressurecare products and services.

Find out more at Trulife’s website.

The challenge

Following Trulife’s acquisition, the company found there was a number of unconnected systems with different solutions used for finance, manufacturing, purchasing, inventory and warehouses. This resulted in sub-optimal communication between different teams and no end-to-end view of orders as they moved through the sales process.This collection of disparate solutions saw key company intelligence spread across the business with decision makers unable to access these to make informed decisions. Additionally, with operations in two different countries, there was no company-wide communication in a single solution.

How we helped Trulife

Trulife is an international business that employees over 600 people in Ireland, the UK, USA and Canada. When Trulife bought a rival organisation that had operations in Ireland and in the UK in 2004, it recognised how it could benefit from a centralised solution to manage operations.

When Trulife contacted Milner Browne about deploying SAP Business One it was clear how a customised solution could benefit operations in Ireland and the UK.

Milner Browne created a tailored SAP Business One solution to manage the two different subsidiaries in one system with additional manufacturing and e-commerce tools coming from the B1 Apps range.

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Reduced time to delivery

The introduction of Milner Browne’s customised SAP Business One solution has enabled true visibility and greater operational efficiency. It has also helped reduce time to delivery and gone beyond expectations on customer satisfaction.

With the streamlined process and enhanced communication offered by Milner Browne and SAP Business One, Trulife continues to expand and innovate – whilst offering the very best in standards of customer service.

By removing all of the disparate solutions inherited, Trulife has been able to increase its levels of efficiency of operations across both countries.

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