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Achieving retail growth with SAP Business One

“With SAP Business One in place there is now strong confidence in Soundstore stock levels and then whole process flows from the capturing of the sale right through to the shipping process and to the accounts element of the solution.”

– John O’Brien, Operations Manager

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About Soundstore

Soundstore are a 100% Irish owned electrical retailer that specialise in TV, audio, computers and kitchen Appliances. The company currently has six retail stores and a distribution centre all located in the Munster region. There are three Stores in Cork and one store each in Limerick City, Waterford City and Tralee, Co. Kerry. Soundstore was established in 1995. Since then it has enjoyed steady growth due to a solid expansion plan in the Munster region making Soundstore a leading retailer in the Irish electrical goods industry.

Find out more at Soundstore’s website.

The challenge

Soundstore opened their first two stores in 1995. A decade later, the popularity of the retailer had saw its stores double. In 2007, the company purchased land to build an 80,000 sq.ft distribution centre in Munster, allowing them to manage stock across their stores more effectively. However, although the company had a purpose built warehouse, it’s existing software was struggling to cope with new operations. Additionally, staff were struggling to gain the real-time visibility and control that was needed over operations.When Soundstore contacted Milner Browne about a SAP Business One solution staff had no faith in stock information stored within existing applications. The retailer also had a total reliance on a single person who had written and maintained the spoken bespoke solution the company were using.

How we helped Soundstore

Milner Browne recognised the benefits an integrated SAP Business One retail solution would deliver to Soundstore. In addition to storing essential data on stock within a single application, additional tools from the innovative B1 Apps range would help create a retail-specific application to manage and control real-time stock, purchasing and distribution activities.

The introduction of SAP Business One would also provide a scalable platform, which would grow in tandem with the company. And without having to worry about information stored centrally, staff could have confidence when placing orders with customers. Aligned company activities have also improved the level of efficiency across the business. Accurate reports can be completed at the click of a button without having to pull information from different spread sheets and avoid tiresome data duplication tasks.

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Implementation of SAP Business One into Soundstore

The implementation of SAP Business One delivered a scalable platform that has assisted Soundstore in meeting its growth ambitions. The organisation is now Munster’s leading and largest electrical and computer retailer.

By removing disparate solutions and integrated processes within SAP Business One, Soundstore have also been able to enhance data visibility. This trusted source of information, which is updated and access in real-time, has led to more efficient reporting on performance and financial metrics. Powerful reporting tools deliver clear visibility into accurate data when managers require immediate updates.

SAP Business One systematic nature has also led to Soundstore introducing a host of streamlined processes. The company is now able to manage every aspect of its organsaiton from a single solution. This allows staff to make more informed decisions when it comes to purchasing goods and provides tools for customer-facing staff to deliver accurate information to consumers checking on the availability of goods.

More importantly for Soundstore it has gained superior stock control within its warehouse and distribution centre. Operatives are able to find goods easily within the warehouse – which has led to productivity gains in Soundstore’s distribution chains.

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