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Streamlining monthly reports with SAP Business One

“What I would say about Milner Browne is that we at Serosep find them very pro-active. The customer service is very good and enquiries are always answered very quickly”.

– Emma Morgan, Financial Controller

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About Serosep

Serosep specialises in diagnostic instruments and consumables for hospitals and laboratories.

Find out more at Serosep’s website.

The challenge

Serosep specialises in diagnostic instruments and consumables for hospitals and laboratories. After initially developing a presence in the Irish market, the company now serves a range of industries across Europe, Asia, the Far East and Africa.Having become frustrated with using disparate systems to manage its finance department, inventory and having no CRM tools, Serosep was experiencing problems on a daily basis with its former software. But a reluctance for change stopped the company switching systems before it deployed SAP Business One in March 2010.

How we helped Serosep

Before the introduction of SAP Business One, the company was using separate applications to manage its accounts and a bespoke solution for its stock and warehouse activities. However, the company could never be fully confident in its stock management tools and was forced into monthly, manual checks to guarantee accuracy. SAP Business One has dramatically reduced the amount of manual stock takes with Serosep now confident of sourced and stored data.

With Serosep trading across the globe, the company required a solution that would convert financial figures and calculate stock levels automatically. Again, this forced the company into prolonged manual tasks, where human error could influence key reports. Integrated and advanced tools in SAP Business One have simplified and automated key financial tasks leaving staff to focus more on productive tasks.

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Scalable solution

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Real-time access into stock levels

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Improved reporting calculation and analysis

SAP Business One has equipped Serosep with a single application to manage every aspect of its business. Fragmented and out-dated applications have been replaced with a scalable solution that has delivered a host of measureable benefits.

Serosep is now able to gain real-time access into stock levels without having to rely on time-consuming manual checks. The company is able to rely on the data stored within SAP Business One to make more informed and cost-effective business decisions.

Important financial and performance reports have also been significantly streamlined. Whereas staff were once forced to spend days collecting data from different applications or spreadsheets, with SAP Business One reports are not easily calculated and analysed.

Important industry regulations are also complied with in SAP Business One with integrated batch control and other relevant embedded procedures. The automated nature of SAP Business One has improved productivity levels across the business increased the overall efficiency of operations.

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