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JJ Siddons

Reducing data duplication and paper-based tasks with SAP Business One

“JJ Siddons is due to having three people retire this year. Due to the systematic nature within SAP Business One, we’re able to replace the manual processes they once did and remove these from the organisation – streamlining and automating processes and making savings.”

– Neil Dalton, Financial Director

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SAP Business One

About JJ Siddons

Joseph & Jesse Siddons is a well established Iron and Steel foundry. Their flexible production methods enable them to produce a wide range of castings from pumps to compressors and clutch housings to filter casings.

Find out more at JJ Siddons’s website.

The challenge

Joseph and Jesse Siddons has been established for more than 160 years. By combining traditional foundry methods with the latest technologies, JJ Siddons supplies engineering companies across Europe with highly cored, repeat batch grey, SG and steel castings.Before the deployment of SAP Business One the company was battling against a number of disparate IT systems. These applications saw staff having to complete data duplication into different systems. In addition to fragmented applications, the company was still using a number of paper-based processes to complete and record key tasks.

How we helped JJ Siddons

In October 2013 the foundry began a phased roll-out of SAP Business One Version 9.0. This single solution replaced several former applications JJ Siddons were using across different parts of the organisation. SAP Business One saw the company able to manage production, accounting and sales and processing processes in one integrated solution.

The systematic nature of SAP Business One meant important information could be stored digitally and in a single application for the first time. Traditional and time-consuming paper-based recording could finally be ended.

Storing information centrally and having access to accurate data helped JJ Siddons to streamline the reporting processes. Whereas previously the company could only complete quarterly reports through folders full of hand-written details, it is now able to efficiently complete monthly alternatives to stay on track of company activities.

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Reduced headcount and improved productivity

Milner Browne helped JJ Siddons gain transparent, streamlined monthly reports – where progress could easily be tracked on manufacturing and financial performance. This analysis is critical for the organisation and allows it to control labour to meet customer demand at different periods.

Productivity gains have also been experienced across the business. The integrated nature of SAP Business One has not only connected different departments but also simplified and streamlined key tasks. Paper-based tasks have now been removed from the organisation in favour of automated digital functionality in SAP Business One. Despite the company’s headcount reducing due to retirement, productivity levels have improved and human error all but removed.

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