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Cagney Contract Cleaning

A decade growth with SAP Business One

“I know that if we had kept going the way we were with the old system we would certainly be employing more staff than we do now. SAP Business One has helped us to work more efficiently as a business and improve this customer service.”

– Linda Martin, Administration Manager


Warehouse operatives


Sales order traceability


Organisational growth

Solutions Used

SAP Business One

About Cagney Contract Cleaning

Cagney Contract Cleaning is a family run and wholly owned business founded in 1977. The company provides expert cleaning services and related products to a variety of different clients across Ireland.

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The challenge

Before the implementation of SAP Business One the company had a single system to manage financial activities. In addition, there were various spreadsheets using various formulas used across the organisation. These documents were not only holding silos of data – which made accurate reporting a long, drawn out process – but also resulted in lots of manual duplication tasks which was impacting on levels of productivity. Additionally, the company had no stock management tools and staff could never be sure of the accuracy of its information into what was being stored in its inventory at any one time.

How we helped

When Milner Browne first visited Cagney Contract Cleaning back in 2008 it was experiencing a prolonged period of growth. But the company’s existing systems were at breaking point and holding the company back from meeting new opportunities. Milner Browne recognised how an integrated solution would not only improve standards of reporting and productivity but also allow the company to achieve it’s growth targets.

Powerful stock and warehouse management

Instant financial and managerial reports

Improved cash flow and long-term savings

Having used SAP Business One for around a decade the company has not only witnessed a return on investment but also enjoyed long-term savings. The automated and systematic nature of SAP Business One has allowed the company to manage larger orders without having to significantly increase company headcount.

The powerful stock and warehouse management tools in SAP has allowed Cagney Contract Cleaning to reduce the amount of warehouse operatives, without a reduction in productivity.

Senior management and key decision makers can now generate reports at the click of a button and rely upon the accuracy of data with information now stored in one solution.

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