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BJ Fitzpatrick

Creating a multi-company environment to manage multiple stores

“Because all of the data is coming from a single location, BJ Fitzpatrick can analyse margins at a product and category level, which weren’t able to do previously.”.

– Fergal Malone, Group Financial Controller

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SAP Business One

About BJ Fitzpatrick

The BJ Fitzpatrick group operates a retail and distribution company across Ireland. The company’s blue chip portfolio includes a number of leading international brands including ANDORA, Parfois, ALEX AND ANI, Hugo Boss watches, Tommy Hilfiger watches, Juicy Couture watches, Ferrari watches, Lacoste watches, and Hirsch.

Find out more at BJ FitzPatrick’s website.

The challenge

When we visited BJ Fitzpatrick the company was a going through a rapid growth expansion. Although the company was growing, it’s software was holding it back. The company has around 30 shops across Ireland and each of these was a separate legal entity. The company had no access to real-time insight into stock or financial performance. And generating reports was a time consuming process with so many different systems in place. The validity and accuracy of information extracted from these disparate solutions was always under debate when it was analysed at a corporate level.

How we helped BJ Fitzpatrick

We created a solution that would help the company manage its growth and to fulfill its potential. Firstly, we removed all of the disparate solutions and built them a centralised solution to manage their stock in a multi-company environment. With this, they could get real-time analysis on what each store needed. And then automatically replenish stock into each of those stores. Finally, staff could rely on the accuracy of information held in SAP Business One and create important managerial or financial reports quickly.

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Accelerated Growth

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 Real-time performance analysis

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Better forecasting and customer demand management

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Improved stock management and control

The introduction of SAP Business One assisted and accelerated the growth at BJ Fitzpatrick. Over a ten year period the company grew from having 35 staff up to 350. By implementing a single solution and stripping out various disparate solutions, BJ Fitzpatrick was able to rely on the data it was collecting and to analyse real-time performance.

BJ Fitzpatrick is now able to forecast and manage customer demand more effectively. It has done this at the same time as reducing its overall inventory by 40% and saved money by preventing unnecessary investment in stock. By automatically restocking popular items across its stores the company also has the confidence that it has the right stock in store at all times.

Extracting information and analysing performance is also much quicker and easier. In SAP Business One there is no time wasted on data duplication and the risk of human error has been reduced. SAP Business One enables staff to analyse profitability at a granular, product, store and even corporate level in a few clicks of button.

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