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Advanced sales analysis and forecasting with SAP Business One

“SAP Business One has paid for itself many times over in Aydya. It was evident from using the software for the first few months that it was going to do so. We’ve been using it for more than a decade and it’s certainly returned a huge return on investment – probably around £150K.”

– Richard Gaughan, Systems Integration Manager

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SAP Business One

About Aydya

Aydya is an award-winning company that offers simple and reliable products. Some of their most popular brands include AnySharp, CafeStar, Nutrifiz, and JetFast.

Find out more at Aydya’s website.

The challenge

When approached by Aydya back in 2003 the popular retailer was using a several separate solutions to manage its financials and accounts and sales and CRM functions. This disjoined system posed a lack of integration between the different solutions and forced the company into lengthy data duplication tasks when it required important reports. The company was using Sage Line 50 to manage its financials and a bespoke solution for its stock and warehouse management. Due to a lack of trust in the information stored within both solutions, Aydya realised it had no clear and accurate information into existing stock levels. More importantly, the retailer was unable to predict how much available stock it would have in the future to satisfy customer demand.

How we helped Aydya

Milner Browne recognised the improvements that could be made across the organisation with the implementation of SAP Business One. This single, scalable solution would not only assist Aydya with its sales analysis, forecasting capabilities and batch processing tasks but allow the company to make significant long-term savings.

The automated and integrated nature of SAP Business One has improved productivity levels at the retailer by vastly reducing the amount of man hours which was previously spent on data entry and management. Staff are now equipped with a user-friendly system where key information can be stored and, more importantly, trusted.

Aydya now has accurate insight into its stock levels and is able to forecast months in advance what items are required to meet customer demand. This has resulted in improved standards of customer service and retention. Advanced forecasting and stock tools allows the company to manage stock levels more efficiently and has freed up cash to spend in other areas of the business.

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Advanced sales analysis and forecasting

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Improve levels of service

Over the last decade Aydya has witnessed improvements across different departments thanks to SAP Business One. The retailer is able to manage its warehouse activities more effectively and avoid stock-outs of its most popular product thanks to real-time visibility.

Sales and financial data is stored within a centralised solution and provides instant analysis and performance reports. This centralised and reliable data source also allows the company to forecast customer demand into products using historical records. Aydya can track trends of its most popular products and ensure the right items are in stock when customers require them. These predictive analysis tools has freed up cash to be invested in other areas of the business and saw Aydya reach new markets.

These new opportunities have been realised thanks to significant cost savings made over the last ten years. The introduction of SAP Business One delivered a welcome boost in productivity level and dramatically reduced levels of data duplication. This allowed staff and managers to focus on more productive tasks. Real-time and accurate insight into stock levels also prevented the company from unnecessarily purchasing products in an attempt to estimate customer demand levels.

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