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Abco Kovex

Simplifying stock management with SAP Business One

“Abco Kovex now has clear visibility on the stock system – we stock quite a high number of items to meet the needs of our customers. Additionally, key financial and productivity information is available in real-time without the need for excess spreadsheets and manual co-ordination”.

– Lorraine Bridgette, Finance Director

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About Abco Kovex

Abco Kovex are a leading European importer and distributor of packaging materials and machinery. Their goal is to provide complete packaging solutions to industry, whilst building long term relationships. The company has a dedication to reduce the amount of packaging material clients require in order to pack, ship and protect your products successfully.

Find out more at Abco Kovex’s website.

The challenge

Before the company deployed SAP Business One in 2014, its existing software was also coming to the end of its life and was no longer supported. Abco Kovex were faced with using a solution that was no longer capable of completing key tasks and one that could interrupt daily processes if it failed. Additionally, the system provided no integration into the company’s warehouse – resulting in no visibility or trust into existing stock levels.

How we helped Abco Kovex

Following a consultation with key stakeholders Milner Browne developed a wholesale and distribution solution that simplify processes at Abco Kovex. The implementation of SAP Business One provided the company with clear visibility into real-time stock levels. Spreadsheets are no longer required with line managers able to get instant insight into financial and productivity performance levels. Timely information also provides staff with up-to-date market prices and insight that allows decision makers to maximise buying power.

Alongside SAP Business One, Abco Kovex also deployed Enterpryze for its field-based sales representatives and transport teams. Enterpryze provides instant access to centralised data on customer records and the ability to process new opportunities and sales quotes remotely and also check stock levels. Its implantation has reduced the number of calls from field-based staff back to offices and lowered associated monetary and time costs.

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Real-time insight into key financial activities

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Abco Kovex has developed a SAP Business One solution tailored for their packaging organisation. The customised and integrated solution is now used to manage different departments across the company where data is accurate and plays a central part in decision making. This access to end-to-end, real-time information has empowered the organisation’s buying power and allows a flexibility when market trends and opportunities arise.

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