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The Challenge

B Hepworth and Co Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of windscreen wiping systems, washing equipment and related control systems for the marine, rail and commercial travel industries. The company has an illustrious history that dates back to 1868 and now boasts a global network that spans more than 30 agents across some 50 different countries.Back in 2010, B Hepworth was using a bespoke solution across different departments within the business. Support for the software was coming to an end and company directors searched for an integrated solution to continue managing the organisation successfully. The company required a scalable solution that would provide it with a platform to explore opportunities in new markets and build on its long history.
The reporting within SAP Business One is really good. It's easier for us to write reports and query reports than it was previously. In fact, I can do this myself, whereas previously we had to use an external consultant. This has resulted in cost savings for the business.

How we helped

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After discussions with B Hepworth's management committee Milner Browne quickly recognised how a SAP Business One solution for manufacturing could benefit the company. The seamless and quick introduction of SAP Business One connected different departments within the organisation and created a centralised source of information staff could rely on.

Additionally, without having to pull data from fragmented solutions or call upon different spreadsheets to access key performance indicators B Hepworth has streamlined organisational processes. After-sales support services have improved and the company is also able to track compliance metrics. The solution delivered by Milner Browne has also enabled B Hepworth to create an award-winning supply chain, as voted for by the judges at The Manufacturer MX Awards 2015.

B Hepworth

B Hepworth is the global leader in the design, manufacturing and supplying of the highest quality window wiping/wash systems for the various active industries around the world.

If there's ever a problem, you can call up the helpdesk, speak to one of the support team and they'll sort out the issue. The level of service has always been good. But, touch wood, we haven't had many issues in the years we've been using SAP Business One.

The Results

B Hepworth were able to remove disparate solutions and use a single, end-to-end solution in SAP Business One. The centralised solution provides a clear and accurate analysis of real-time inventory management. These simple, yet powerful warehouse and inventory tools provide reliable and accurate data on inbound and outbound shipments, as well as existing stock levels.

The systematic nature of SAP Business One has allowed for efficiency gains to be made through automated processes and ultimately reduce inventory costs with improved visibility, control and planning. These best-in-class supply chain processes were recognised by judges when B Hepworth was Highly Commended at The Manufacturer MX Awards 2015.

Managing manufacturing demand is now completed more effectively with staff able to avoid bottlenecks in production by using integrated forecasting tools. B Hepworth is able to rely on SAP Business One to process large projects without having concerns around inaccurate or corrupt data.

Significant costs savings have also been experienced through SAP Business One’s powerful reporting capabilities. The introduction of Crystal Reports provides B Hepworth with greater insight into real-time data and performance analytics. These reports are now written internally and avoid expensive external consultants being used.

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