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Current Positions

SAP Implementation Consultant

Responsible for guiding Customers through the process of implementing and integrating Software and other solutions into their business - Ensuring successful deployment to optimize business processes and efficiencies.

SAP Developer

Responsible for designing, developing and maintaining software solutions within the SAP B1 platform.  Primary focus on customizing and extending the functionality of SAP B1 using SDK, SQL and other relevant technologies.

SAP Sales Executive

Responsible for promoting and selling software solutions to our Customer base and prospects.

Understand our customers and prospects needs, and identify opportunities and ultimately develop new business relationships.  

SAP Hosting Engineer

Responsible for managing and maintaining our hosting environment.  Setting up, configuring and monitoring the infrastructure including servers and databases.  Ensuring the availability, performance and security.

SAP Support Consultant

Responsible for providing technical assistance and support to our Customers.  Troubleshooting and resolving issues, answering client queries and guiding them on how to effectively use their system.


SAP Project Manager

Responsible for overseeing the successful implementation of projects, from initiation to completion ensuring it meets the clients requirements and objectives.  Collaboration with stakeholders, including clients, vendors and internal teams.



Waterloo House, Victoria Square, Waterloo St.
Birmingham, United Kingdom, B2 5TB


The Apex Building, Blackthorn Rd, Sandyford, Dublin 18, D18 EY90



+44 (0) 121 295 0999


+353 (0) 1 286 0200


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